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Fly and Learn in Reach for the Skies

Children would prefer to use an app to play games, while their parents would have them use technology as a tool to learn. Reach for the Skies is an app that offers fun action as well as some education to boot.

There are different categories to play with – even an option to create your own questions. The categories also have different levels that come with age recommendations. The only downside is that you have to pay for the Flags and Mathematics levels. However, if you are willing to come up with your own questions, you can create those types of games yourself.

Choose biology for ages 6 and over or high school level math. Then, select you vehicle. Nicer aircraft, such as a plane, is only available when youve earned enough coin. A nice incentive!

Not only do you have to focus on answering questions, you have to fly through obstacles as well. The flying isn’t too demanding, but it adds an element of fun.

Questions appear on the bottom of the screen. A few seconds later, answers start appearing like obstacles. If there are incorrect, you fly by. Ifyou wish to choose the answer, simply fly through.

When a question is answered correctly, you get coins and more gas for your vehicle.

The graphics on this game are great! Whether youre flying a plane, hot air balloon, or even a zeppelin, the experience is exhilarating.

Theres also the option to share the experience via Facebook. The app lets you compare scores.

Theres also an area for trophies and achievements. While that may seem small, keep in mind that this is still an educational app. Its great to see how far youve come in a game, especially one that is educational.

One of the downsides of this app is how the answers to the questions are presented. There is no opportunity for process of elimination. Neither is their time to second-guess yourself. For example, I had the question What does homo sapiens mean? The answer was intelligent, but I was unsure about it and as such, I flew by. Homo sapiens means wise person in Latin. Should I have guessed intelligent? Maybe, but as it was one of the first answers to show up, I didnt know if another would be more appropriate.

Reach for the Skies is a fun and educational app. Like any good game, once you start playing you cant put it down. Though meant for a younger audience, even adults can get their knowledge. The different levels and age groupings available make the game good for anyone who can read and use a phone.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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