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Spirit Run Tempts You to Keep Playing

Spirit Run is a multiplayer retro style game from the famous creators of Zombie Run. This game is very similar to the other RUN games where you choose power ups and cross obstacles / enemies on the way. You can either play with your other friends in your contact list or compete with random players that the game chooses for you.

On the main screen as you open the game, you see the default character chosen with the available gems and points for a start. There are many other characters that you can customise and run with.

In order to upgrade to a different character, you will need to make use of your gems to make a purchase. For those interested, the available characters are Wolf Male, Wolf, Deer, Fox, Panda, Bear Male, Rock Bot, Bear and Panda Man (the last two are paid; cannot be upgraded with gems).

There is a store where you can purchase more gems that you can use for upgrades and others.

Skins can be purchased for your character using gems while some are paid. Some skins are available for purchase only after completion of a certain number of levels. These skins can be purchased as a whole set or separately for top, body and legs.

While playing the game, you can earn 3 stars for each level, i.e. one for each quest. The stars are for the following quests; one for using 5 bonuses, one for making 20 jumps and another one for collecting 600 souls. If you do not want to play a level and want to skip it, you can spend gems or watch ads to earn three stars and finish off that level.

Once you are on the main screen, you can play with friends by clicking on the + icon that is just below your character. When you tap the + icon, you will be asked whether to create a room or join an existing room. Depending on your choice, you are taken to a screen where you are given the room code to be sent to friends (if you wanted to create a room) or taken to an existing room to play against other players (if you chose to join a room).

You can choose up to 3 friends to play together with and hit the RUN button to start playing the game. If you do not have any friends playing the game, the app chooses three bots for you to play alongside you, for you to compete with.

While playing the game, you can collect gems of different types and other power ups. Some gems provide power ups too.

On finishing one run, the end screen shows at what position each player finished off, and the time it took for them to finish running that level along with any points earned.

When it comes to settings, you can change the gamer id for the game and change profile picture. You can also set music and sound to on or off depending on your choice.

Apart from the above, there are daily rewards that are available for players and it differs for each day. You can share your achievements on social networks and compare your scores with friends who have played this game. You can also compare your score with all other players who have played this game.

There are in-app purchases, but they are not the very essential ones. Annoying ads can cause distraction from the game at times.

This is a very interesting game, smooth and fast graphics with interesting levels that will tempt you to keep playing and looking for more levels and achievements.

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Price: Free

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