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TSC Music – Maximize Music Quality with Smart Streaming

Technology continues to pervade our lives, either with devices we use to get things done or to entertain us while we get things done. One such amenity is music. We listen to it using devices we carry around or those that are stationary, but all too often, we listen using headphones.

Headphones when worn for too long or at too loud a volume can cause damage to our ears. This can lead to gradual hearing loss and permanent damage. While most of us who are not so old think it’s an old wives’ tale, nothing could be further from the truth.

That’s why using a proper music streaming machine is so important. TSC Music is an iOS app that does exactly that. It learns how your ears work to pick up music and uses this information to stream music sourced from a variety of streaming services so you hear quality sounds with minimal damage.

Music is composed of various wavelengths. Play one too loud and it could damage your ear drum. Each person’s ear drums are like no one else’s. In fact, your two ears are not similar. They work differently. TSC takes that into account.

On the main screen of the app you see a list of choices by which you can play music. You can find music by Song title, Artist, Album, Playlist, and Music Streaming. The Music Streaming connects you to Spotify, SoundCloud, or YouTube, any one that you have an account with. The other options are for music that you have on your device.

At the very top of the main screen you will also see data that TSC has gathered for each ear. This is related to sound index and thresholds, so TSC can adjust the music it streams so it is captured by your ears in the best possible way, maximizing sound quality and minimizing damage.

These indices are calculated on the next screen, where you perform sound conditioning. From this screen TSC performs audio test on each ear to figure out each ear’s strengths and weaknesses and then formulate a number by which it is able to equalize the music.

Once you finish this test, TSC is ready to stream. Sound conditioning is not something you’ll do just once. If you want to maintain healthy ears and keep TSC smart, then you should run the sound conditioning periodically.

It would be difficult for me to pinpoint any wrong with the app. I love it for what it does and how it does it. It’s simple to use and sounds are amazing. What I would love to see is the ability to stream from other music apps like Pandora or Amazon Music. That would open up functionality.

TSC Music is an amazing app that makes listening to music a lot safer and smarter, helping you keep your ears in top notch condition.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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