Balance the Ball

A Balance the Ball Keeps You Glued to Your Device

While simple in nature, A Balance the Ball packs incredible amounts of fun. On the surface it seems like any other balancing game, but once you start playing you will realize it’s not the case. If you are short on patience, be wary of playing, because this game moves fast, is challenging, and will test your ability to keep your cool!

Free to download, A Balance the Ball comes equipped with great graphics and varying backdrops, constantly offering new challenges to keeping the ball on the balance beam. Yes, the game is setup with a ball that sits in the middle of what looks like a teeter totter. As challenges, like lightning bolts, zap the beam you are tasked with making physical adjustments to the device to move the ball left or right and avoid completely rolling off the beam.

Again, while this seems simple, it won’t be as easy as you think as you advance in game play. There will be lines that the ball cannot cross while you are moving it along the beam. Cross it and you are out.

There are three waves to play. Survive all three and become the master balancer.

Balance the Ball

What makes this game the perfect time filler is the challenge, the simplicity, and the fun music that plays in the background. If you are standing in line someplace, you can opt to turn it off, but you could always plug in some earbuds and enjoy it. I think the music help keeps you hyped and ready to move.

There are no power ups or aids to give you extra life or extra turns, but what you do get is one blue cube during each wave that provides a little help, but not too much.

One more thing; as you play more and more, the beam starts to shrink in size. So, you can truly understand the notion of increasing challenge as you continue play, keeping you on your toes.

Continue completing waves and you will see the rocket ship fill up and then finally blast you off into the next level of games. The rocket ship icon is at the bottom and as you complete waves, you will see it shift over until it’s all the way to the right.

I have to say that I found the game very entertaining and bit frustrating at times, but all it takes is some patience and the ability to get back up on the horse and try again. There are no penalties, so you  just keep working at it. What would be nice is to extend on the game by making the challenges a bit different at the different levels. Maybe the backgrounds and what the plank represents can change. For instance, making the background be the ocean and the plank can be a surf board or boogie board. A scenery change up away from outer space can shake things up a bit.

A Balance the Ball is fun and entertaining enough to keep me busy and, more importantly, keeps my kids busy enough to stop bothering me.


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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