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I know I am not alone when I say organizing a daily life schedule is harder than it sounds. We plan things, and then we forget them and have to reschedule. It is all way too stressful, and there has to be a better way to do it, right?

Well, if you are having trouble organizing, planning, and scheduling; then keeping up with everything, then this app is perfect for you. The MultiTasker app helps you create and organize all of your notes, set reminders, and pending tasks with ease.

This app has features that make management fast and simple, and you can search all of your set tasks with unique labels. If you have an important event coming up, you can set smart notifications to be told about all important events you have scheduled.

If you are one of the famous Cloud users, you can sync all notes from there with the app. The design features of this app are nearly endless.

It has a very simple UI design, and a very easy operating system. We are already busy juggling our daily lives, so we do not need a more complicated app. You can take and create your own tasks, and then view them easily with card views.


Not only can you make your planner virtual, you can also set reminders and alert through your notifications, and control it just like you would your sound and vibration.  most apps would require you to constantly check in, and change your alert settings or remind your phone to remind you, but not with this app. It does it all on its own with one setting.

If you know of an important future event coming up, you can set multiple alarms for it. If your plans change, you can easily reschedule and cancel all of the alarms that you set.

You may be thinking that another organizer will not necessarily keep you organized, but this app does not just compile everything together at once. You can filter each task and alarm that you set by its label, that you can make yourself, and you can also filter the list by priority.

Not only will all your notes, plans, and appointments be in one place, they will be organized and set in order of importance. Everything is in your hands and you have control over everything, so life just gets easier.

If you are already used to taking notes on your phone, you can continue to do so and sync them if you so wish. You can also restore synced notes, so nothing will be lost.

I am sure I am not the only one who has dozens of apps on their phone. This task app can also manage these user accounts you have. I often forget passwords and the like, so this really came in handy. You can also create these user accounts and sync them on multiple devices with the same app.

Now, everything can be in one place. And not only will it be in one place, it will be properly organized. You will not forget those important appointments and events anymore. No longer will you have to shuffle papers in your packed planner either.

The MultiTasker app will organize your life, keep you happy, and, it’s free!

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Price: Free

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