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Rocklien Run – Space Adventure Game that Keeps you Running

Sporting an arcade like cartoonish look and feel, Rocklien Run is a space runner game that entertains and excites without end. It is colorful, fast, and full of fun. But be forewarned – while it is one of the easier games in terms of learning how to play – but, it will be one the hardest games for you to master.

I’m not trying to turn you off to it, or anything like that. But, if you think you will get in and start moving your way up quickly, then you will have some restrategizing to do, because this game keeps you on your toes and will keep you in the excitement, nonstop. I found the graphics to be bright and invigorating, keeping your senses stimulated and your endorphins pumping.

In this game, you are spaceship commander and it’s your job to steer your ship at whatever speed you like into the unknown, while avoiding anything that could cause you to explode or be destroyed. The outerspace you will encounter will be unlike anything you would see in Cosmos; rather, you will be warping through rainbow fields.

Things you may see that you will definitely want to avoid are: asteroids, comets, Bubbliens, Botliens, and Rockliens. The latter three are something unique to the game, so don’t try to figure out what they are, just enjoy!

The enemies you will encounter, who will try to bump you off course, will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some will be cute. Some will be crazy. Some will be cool. Nothing will be ferociously scary, which makes the game perfect for all ages.

As for spaceships, there will also be a variety to choose from, but several come only after you have reached certain levels in the game; only then do they unlock and become an option. When choosing your spacecraft, you will get basic information about it, so you can decide, based on what is important to you, which one you want. Characteristic information includes: Attack, Defense, and Agility.

There are also a variety of weapons and blasters you can use that come with the game, and again, as you move up in levels your choices will grow, making your ship stronger and more powerful.

Throughout game play, your score will show in the top left corner, while your coin count can be found at the top right of the screen.

The app also allows you to share your game play and stats so your friends can get in on the fun, as well.

I found the game to be a bit too fast paced for me, but you will slowly get the hang of it the more you play. It can be daunting, but as in all games, practice makes better.

I would recommend downloading this game and sharing with your family. It’s bound to provide entertainment that is out of this world!


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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