Minion Cannon game

Minion Cannon – Minions Take Flight! (Well, Sort Of)

Do you need something cute and effortless to play? Take a break out of your busy day to relax and enjoy the bubbly, Minion Cannon- Spinner Legend Run app.

This is effortless to play because all the app requires is a little aim and fire, and off you go! A one-eyed minion is the first character available to you, and in level one he is loaded into a cannon ready for blast off. Clicking on the aim button loosens the cannon for fire, and you have to aim at just the right point. You want to get the optimum amount of air and distance as your minion has a big secret- with no wings, he can’t fly at all!

Your minion relies on trampolines to continue his journey, so it’s all about the big air. As your minion bounces around he has a chance to pop some bubbles. These bubbles contain all kinds of snacks and treats, and he will only eat them if he pops them himself. You can help too- to help him get the treats, you can pop them before he passes by, and this will give him a chance to collect them when they’re popped and on the ground.

It’s okay if your journey comes to an end, it is very easy to restart, re-aim, and re-fire! Collecting stars in each level is essential- this is how you are able to unlock new minions to play with. There are also helpful power-ups to be collected on the way. You can progress to new levels by traveling great distances with your minion, but be careful, one must remain sharp as the minion can land into some trouble. There are large enemies and spikes lurking around that will put an end to his bouncing.


Endless gameplay- many different levels to unlock and challenge your minion with.
There are 30 cute and quirky-looking minions to collect.
The controls are very simple and easy to use. All you have to do is get your minion going and then tap a little here and there.
The graphics are clear, from your wonky-looking minions to the bubble wrapped munchies. Your minion can tell the sweet from the savory for sure!
The sounds are merry, creating a cheerful atmosphere in the game. So, even when you lose the level, you just restart again and again.
A nice touch is little advice pop-ups that say things like, “please don’t break your phone”, and, “I’ll get better…try again.”
Getting around the menu is straightforward- you can shop for some boosters, track your achievements, and share your game news via social media.
A big, bright yellow star in the right corner of your screen keeps track of all the stars your minion collects.
The app is not disturbed by advertisements, but you can watch them to gain some boosters and extra lives.

Minion Cannon- Spinner Legend Run, is both amusing and entertaining for anyone to try-out and enjoy. Happy bouncing!

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10

Price: Free

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