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YouTube Your Way with Music Messenger

You love YouTube, but you just wish there was a better way to keep track of the songs you find that you love and make sure you never lose it, ever again. Sure, you can build playlists in YouTube, but the system is just so big and intimidating, that you oftentimes forget where you save the song and what listing it was under.

There are times when you want to share a song that you really like with others and make it a fun interactive experience. You certainly cannot do that from YouTube.

But you can do it using Music Messenger.

Music Messenger is an app that is your window to YouTube, allowing you to explore to your heart’s content. Find what you like and preview it to see if it’s worth saving. Organize all of those new discoveries and treasured favorites any way you like using playlists that make sense to you. If you want to share, and this is the big benefit behind Music Messenger, you can do so with the folks in your contacts list, in a fun way.

What is even more mind blowing is that Music Messenger is available for free. Yes, free! You simply download the app and allow it to connect to your contacts list and provide your phone number if you want to send and receive songs. You can’t use the app unless you provide your phone number, by the way.

Once you are setup, you can go to town creating all sorts of playlists and then saving songs however which way you want. To search you go to the Explore Music screen. From here you can type in strings related to what you are looking for in the search window or you can select the Trending screen and find songs based on different charts, like Spotify Top Charts, Hot New Hip-Hop, Billboard Hot 100, and iTunes Top 100. You can also explore different music genres as well.

Playlists are what really bring things together. You can create a plethora of playlists and keep you songs at the ready. Creating a playlist is easy and going back in to edit them is just as effortless. Move songs around and spread them across several if you want.

True to its name, Music Messenger lets you then share individual songs or entire playlists with friends. Messages you send won’t bear just simple links. You can customize a message template to make each and every message you send something memorable, and your own. Remember that you have to have the contacts list setup in order to do this, otherwise nothing is going anywhere!

The layout of each screen is simple and lets you focus on the imagery accompanying each song. The main controls are located at the bottom of each screen and fairly straightforward. You can quickly get to the Send and Receive screen by tapping the “mail” icon. Tapping on the three bars will take you to the Explore Music Trending charts. Selecting the “search” icon will take you to the Explore Music main screen, and finally, the icon with the musical note will take you to your playlists.

What I would really like to see as an update is the ability to setup an account with Music Messenger using an email address, not necessarily just a phone number. That would be really helpful and would allow people to set up from iPads.

I was just all over this app as soon as I figured out how to build my playlists and start sharing. If you love music and love to share, you need this app now!


Rating: 10/10
Price: Free

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