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33 RPM – Elevate Your Apple Music Experience

We all love our Apple devices and if you’ve become addicted to your Apple Music, then you need to download 33 RPM to make your music listening experience even better.

33 RPM is an iOS app that works on a multitude of Apple devices, as long as they are running iOS 11.0 or later. It’s a music manager of sorts and it makes using Apple Music more rewarding. How so, you ask? Well, imagine adding a layer of meaning and fun to the library, so that you are sharing with friends, learning more about their preferences and expanding your own music library. So often, we just want something new to add to our collection, and what better way than to hear what our friends are listening to.

Even better, 33 RPM gets to know your listening preferences. It takes data on what you listen to, what you download, what you share, what you tag as “great” and mashes it all up to make sense of it all. Then it brings to you a set of selections for you to try out. I like to think of it as some type of data mining, but not sure if it’s that fancy – at least not yet.

The app is free to download and is extremely easy to use. No tutorials or examples required. Simply download and provide your Apple Id, so you are connected across all of your devices and the app can access your library.

33 RPM

Next, tap around to see what the app has to offer. Now, mind you, there won’t be much data initially. You will have to listen to music for a few days for it to start collecting information. Once it gets enough, it will start to populate the My Library screen. This is where you will see your top songs that you listen to and top albums. These can be view by the day, today to be exact, by the week and by the month.

If you tap on the next icon, you will come to the Timeline screen. This shows you over a more expanding chunk of time, what you’ve listened to, for how long, and more.

The last area to explore is where you get to share. You connect with other users of 33 RPM and learn more about their music preferences, rate what their selections are and share what you like. You also get to discover new pieces based on what your own preferences have been over time.

I would like to have seen a better and more straightforward way of getting to my friends rather than doing it through songs, but it the feature is still there and it works like a charm.

If you seek a better way to use Apple Music, then 33 RPM will take you there. All you need to do is download and start listening.


Rating: 10/10
Price: Free

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