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Are you bored with your playlist? Let’s face it, it can get pretty expensive to have to buy every song you want to just check out or explore   new music genres. Pandora only plays so many songs, you start hearing repeats every so often and Spotify sometime fits the bill, but neither are as globally rich as Audials.

What’s Audials, you ask? Audials is a radio app that brings a word of music to your ears through your very own device. It offers a variety of genres numbering over 120 and spanning over 80,000 stations, coming live to you from across the globe.

As an added boost, their latest update has improved on the connection quality and has made the streaming  clearer and smoother. Two of its major features include streaming music from radio stations and streaming videos. To expand upon that, Audials allows you to record the pieces that you like. I don’t know of many apps that let you do that. They usually offer a way to purchase the music, not just save it.

When you first step into the Audials world, you may feel inundated with the numerous choices presented before you, but it is fairly easy to target an area that may work best for you by using Audials super easy Search function. A big plus.

Another feature that I found most beneficial is that the app is commercial free. No more having to be disrupted from your musical experience. The notes come to you uninterrupted.

Using the app is super simple. The displays are set on a black background, making the wording and visuals pop. You can find what you are looking for, quickly. You can get to specific genres fast, or you can lazily browse around without any intention, allowing yourself to stumble upon a new discovery.

What amazed me was the number of stations that are out there, not just in the U.S., but around the world. All I could do was wonder, how can Audials find and deliver so many stations? It does, and it does it supremely well.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ll oftentimes play sleepy time music to put myself or my kiddos to sleep. That’s where Audial’s timer becomes super handy. You can setup a timer to stop  Audials from playing. This lets you put on music for just enough time to send you into slumber.

While users can easily save music and videos in Audials, this saved material does not transfer between devices, which would have been nice. I may find something on my iPhone that I later may want to play off my iPad.

In all, Audials is a great app to have if you love exploring musical pieces and expanding on your playlists to an extent that no other streaming app can match. Download it today!

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Price: Free

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