Totem Rush – Multiplayer Match Game Requiring Strategic Moves

Totem Rush app

Surrounded by calm ocean waves, crystal blue waters, and fine white sand, the last thing that would be on your mind is any kind of challenge. However, in Totem Rush, its exactly the opposite. Set in a place that seems deceptively like the Caribbean, you are immersed in a Match3 game like no other. When you first download the app, it opens up and presents a collage of scenes that look like moving pictures. It sets the background story

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Clip&Go – Instantly Make and Edit Movies for Immediate Sharing

clip&go app

Taking photos is easy just grab your device, tap a button to start recording, and youve captured the moment. The tricky part comes when you want to blast out a video clip thats worth sharing. Yup, thats right, that means a bit of editing. Thats where Clip&Go comes handy. Who has time for editing? Most of us have hours of video sitting on our devices and personally, unless you are sharing that video clip instantly, you lose the power

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Photo Sense – Photo Edits Made Easy

Photo Sense

You hear the word batch in many realms, cooking, production lines, and data processing; but, you would never consider it when you are referring to editing photos. So, what does batch have to do with photo editing? Photo Sense is an app that allows users to edit collections of photos in batches. Yes, now you dont have to go through each photo to adjust its coloring, crop it, and clarify it. You can select a group of photos, like

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Jetradar – The Only Airline Ticket App Youll Ever Need

Jetradar app

There are hundreds of ways to find and book a flight. You can go directly to the airline or you can use a travel website that will claim they give the best options and deals. Some sites gather more information than others, but Jetradar collects the most. Jetradar scours the internet to uncover and collect tickets from 1,038 airlines, 100 agencies, and five different booking systems. The result is the best deal for you, the customer. The price map

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Photo Print – Perfectly Printed Photos at Your Fingertips!

photo print app

Capturing the moment and sharing it immediately is what so many apps are all about. Personally, I just don’t get the point of an app that lets you snap a shot, send it, and then have it disappear; but todays youth seems to think its the greatest things since sliced bread. For those of us who like to snap photos, print them, and collect them all in an easy to touch and take in. I love taking photos from

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Water Music – Relax and Unwind in Serenity that Moves with You

Water Music app

Long days at work, a list of things to do that never gets smaller, people who nag the list of things in our lives that can cause stress is endless; and, oftentimes seems to never shrink. Obsess over it and it can lead to a great deal of stress. While a lot of what we have to deal with day in and day out cannot be removed from our lives, we can try to deal with them in a

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Thousands of Stations at Your Fingertips with nRadio


Sometimes, you just want to listen to your radio station the one that plays exactly what you like with a few surprises thrown in now and then. There are limits to traditional radio, though. You have to be in a certain area for a traditional radio to pick up a signal. Take a vacation a hundred miles away, and youve lost access to your station; and, you are left scanning stations, listening for a mix that makes your mood.

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UVUEME – Make Your Emails and Texts Look Great

Uvueme mobile app

In todays world of electronic communication, a lot of professional messages are sent through emails and even texts. These messages, while occasionally sent through informal means, must retain some formality. Its not always easy to remember to have a signature at the bottom of every message. Some email services offer the ability to add signatures, but they arent always customizable. UVUEME is a program that allows emails and text messages sent from your phone to end with a signature.

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Keep the Neighborhood Peace with Bark’n Mad

Barking Dog

Loud dogs are a neighborhood nuisance. Houses adjoining the residence of a rambunctious pet can get woken by howling in the night. Owners have to fend off complaints while trying to train their pet. Dog owners cant devote all of their time to training their dog. Fortunately, theres an app for that. Barkn Mad is a great tool to control barking dogs. The app works on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. It records up to twelve hours of data

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Space Animals Not Just for Kids

Space Animals

Space truly is the final frontier, and animals have finally reached it too. Space Animals is a new game developed for the android phone designed to create fun for the entire family. This is a game for everybody with simple and wonderful game play that is easy for anybody to use. Space Animals does not take up a lot of space, only about 50mb and will not drain your battery recklessly. The developers are very interactive with their consumers

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