Jamie’s Recipes App Review

Try your hand in kitchen with Jamie Oliver  Cooking hasn’t ever been my cup of tea and I really hated it. I hated because of the end result and not for the process. I think you could understand the situation a bit. The real issue is I am very bad at cooking. I think this review would help guys like me. Jamie’s Recipes is an app that could guide users to some of the best cooking they have ever done.

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Branding For a Smartphone App

Have you done it for your app?  Branding is important for any business. It shows your customers that you are serious about it. I have listed a few things that could help developers in branding their app. Please make it sure you have them if you have an app. Website: You app really needs a site –  not a blog or a web page. This site should include all the essential details such as How to use, FAQ, app screenshots,

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We Are Going to Review Apps!

Submit your app and get an honest opinion  After all those app marketing tips, we have finally decided to provide some reviews for the iOS and Android apps. Well, if you are a developer, you can submit your app here and know our honest opinion about it. The review would be around 300 words with a rating for the app. It will also have links to the App Store or Android Market page and the developer’s site. The app review

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iOS and Android Apps Combined Total Reached 1 Million

Appsfire said that the combined total of iOS and Android apps has reached 1 million. Appsfire is an app tracking company that provides market data from different mobile app stores. It says that the smartphone app market has reached “ a significant milestone” with the combined total of Android and iOS apps reaching the count 1 million. It has also said that only 800,000 of those apps are active.

Nielson Revealed the Names of Super Apps

Google and Facebook ruling the Android You may have read our story about Nielson’s report on 10 super apps that have been ruling the Android Market. The marketing analysis firm Nielson has revealed the names of those apps in its “All About Android” webinar. Understandably the Android Market app is in the top position with more than 90% usage, while Google Maps (74.6%) and Gmail (74.5%) following it. Social networking giant Facebook is in forth position and Google Search gets

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Locai – Losing Users by Name

The situation stresses the importance of finding a right name  Locai app is facing failure due to the autocorrect feature of Android. Locai is a location based service, along the lines of Foursquare with a heavier focus on conversations. Few weeks back it launched its own app in the App Store. It got a fair amount of success which makes it to proceed to the Android version. The whole story starts here. Few days after launching this app, it seems

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Top Five Productivity Apps for Smartphone

Increase productivity and save money Small businesses have been using productivity apps for sometime to save money. According to a study, a small business can save up to US $14,000 for year per employee. If you are busy executive, get these apps to do things on the go. Camscanner Free:  CamScanner Free for iPhone lets users digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. It can auto crop image, enhance image quality to create an industry standard PDF file. The paid

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iPhone – A Story of Domination

Do you know these amazing facts?  After its launch in 2007, iPhone has taken the world by a storm. This story of success involves some amazing facts. In the U.S., iPhone was launched initially with AT&T network and during February 2011, Verizon launched iPhone in its network. In a month’s time Verizon had managed to attract 2.2 million users. In 113 countries, which include Liechtenstein, Macao and Saudi Arabia, Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhones.