Musical Pairs – Mind-Building Musical Matching Game

Musical Pairs

A great way to fill your time!  In a test of your auditory abilities, Musical Pairs brings the challenge of memory and matching to sounds from the well-known memory game we used to play with cards. The twist here is that you match and pair sounds, not sights. The game is played solo, so you can download it and play on your own. It serves as a great way to fill your time when you cannot escape a wait. Not

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Ninflated – Blow Up Your Phone with a Floating Ninja


Not an easy game to master!  Ninja games are all the rage with swift slashing and precision movements. However, the last thing you would think of when you hear about a game about a Ninja is one that floats. Most Ninja games have players battling their warrior against demons and evil intruders with karate chops and sword swinging moves. The app masters at App Street Games have put a Ninja in a bubble and slowed the pace down a bit.

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Classic Game in a New Package – The Incredible Tiles 2048

The Incredible Tiles 2048

This game is as good as ever!  Sometimes classic games are just what you need to keep neurons firing and the intrigue alive. Games like 2048 take strong mathematical skills and set them on a course for creative thinking and strategic problem-solving. Sometimes, though, playing the same game can get monotonous. Go Games has resolved that issue by launching their latest take on the game, called The Incredible Tiles 2048. The game plays just as before. You start with an

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Best Gin Rummy – A Neatly Packaged App

Best Gin Rummy

It’s a treat that easily travels with you!  If you like a good game of Gin Rummy and can’t find a partner to play with, then Best Gin Rummy from Kuralsoft is exactly what you need to download on your device! It has all of the well-known features inherent to playing Gin Rummy in a neatly packaged app. You can now take your game with you on your iPhone or iPad, and get your fix any time of the day.

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Develop Key Skills in Kids with Fun for Kids

A great way to entertain kids! If you are desperately look for a fun way to keeps kids busy while you are out and about, then look no further. Tycero has added to its Fun for Kids array of entertaining apps – a new edition called Learning Puzzles. Learning Puzzles has kids of all ages finding and fitting pieces together in a fun and colorful assortment of graphics and images that entice and excite. Kids can start easy at the

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Wonder Fish Free Games HD – An Underwater Game

Wonder Fish

Finally an app for all fish lovers out there! Just like the name suggests, the app has been designed with an aim of giving you the rare opportunity to work with a regular fish and make him a wonder fish by rescuing his comrade Blackyfinn who is threatened by a terrible monster. It’s an underwater game which means that all the action will take place at sea which is a good thing because of the amazing graphics of deep-sea treasures.

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Baseball Kings – Fun in Your Pocket

Baseball Kings

Fill those dull moments with some game play!  If you are looking for a fun and simple baseball game to play, look no further than Appnori’s Baseball Kings. This app brings the excitement of fast and curved pitching to your device in a fun and well-laid out way that allows users to test out the waters a bit before diving in. The neat thing about Baseball Kings is how well it mimics a game. It keeps stats, scores, and other

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Little Luna – Big Talent – Explore and Play with a Beetle Named Luna

Little Luna Big Talent

A new twist on a traveling game! Bastei Entertainment has concocted a cute little app for kids that have them following a little bombardier beetle named Luna around her little world. This interactive storybook features her friends and her Dad, all of which sport different talents that you can use in games to earn points. Scattered across her realm are games to play and animations to watch. It’s a new twist on a traveling game that’s geared for little ones.

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Amazing Beat – Stimulating Sensory-Building Music App

Amazing Beat

It is not an easy beat to keep up with!  Gaming apps can get fairly complicated and require an immense amount of concentration and agility. Sometimes it’s nice to just open up an app and play something that’s a bit more simple, but still challenging. For those of you who love a good beat and move to it well, there is Amazing Beat; and, although it sounds extremely simple, it is not an easy beat to keep up with. Amazing

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WaterBall! – Remarkable Physics Stunning Graphics

Simple game executed so very well! This is definitely not the first game or app with a concept that revolves around a ball jumping through hoops and obstacles. However, WaterBall! proves to be more than just “that kind of game”, since it offers more challenge and, consequently, more hours of fun spent playing. WaterBall! is marketed as a game with a simple jump mechanics, integrated with puzzles that will prove to be very challenging and exciting at the same time.

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