For the Term of His Natural Life for Those Who Love to Read

Read, absorb and experience! For those who already love to read, there is no need for new fads or enticements to get you to pick up a book and drown in a sea of words that take you to places far away. For the rest, we need a bit of a boost to bring our interest to a level that gets us to open that first page. Bringing books to life on the big screen and on our sets at

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It’s Towers vs. Zombies in Dead Defence

Dead Defence

Download and defend!  Dead Defence by PlayFlock is nothing new in the gaming scene that has you toying with towers and zapping zombies, all in the quest to save life on earth! However, it’s a new playing field and a new set of towers, so gear up, stand ready for your orders and be ready to defend.  When you start the game, you get an introduction from a commanding officer. A virus has spread rampant around the world, destroying life

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Email for Business – Send it with Style

Email for Business

Fashion an eye-pleasing email! Running a business takes time and energy, and tools can make or break it. The underlying foundation of success is attracting new clientele and keeping the existing ones. This takes open lines of communication that speaks to customers, identifying with them and letting them know they are important to you. In today’s world, we are not always sitting at a desk composing our communications to our clients. We are oftentimes on the move, with our smartphones

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Starborn Wanderers Take You to the Galaxy Far Away

Starborn Wanderers

Be a part of this epic battle! Most people are a fan of galaxy wars and space weapons. They provide a unique gaming environment and nurture the interest of the users. Action games have always been the favorites amongst all gamers. The exciting alien wars and tour of different galaxies make this game a hit. You get to discover new planets and battle with aliens on the go. Starborn Wanderers HD redefines the start wars concept and gives a hilarious

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Notebooks Turns Your Random Notes into Organized Documents

For convenient task handling! There are several notebook apps created for productivity by iOS application developers. These apps let users capture their random thoughts in the form of notes, create task lists and set goals to increase their productivity. But each app has one or more shortcomings stopping them from becoming one complete solution for these types of requirements. If any app has ever got close to providing the all-round solution users crave for, it is the Notebooks for iPad

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Cutetown San Francisco Creates the Cutest Maps

cutetown icon

Create the city in 3D interface! Map apps for smartphones and tablets have gained immensely in popularity over the last few years. Not only are these apps useful, but also quite intuitive. But creating your own map and that too including buildings and houses right from the scratch can be immensely fun. Cutetown San Francisco from Cutetown LTD has made this possible for iOS users. It’s a cute and fun map app for the San Francisco city that displays all the buildings

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The Magnificent Travelling Palace – A Unique World on Rails

Magnificent Travelling Palace icon

A magical adventure story with four kids! Isn’t the idea of travelling in a moving palace simply amazing? Well, this is why Plane Tree Family Productions have come up  with this new 3D storybook app The Magnificent Travelling Palace. This interactive adventure story introduces children with exciting worlds of diverse cultures, colors, sounds and tastes, while stimulating their imagination and natural curiosity. The story of the Magnificent Travelling Palace, written by Shoham Drori and the animations put forth by Rakesh

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PDF Reader iPad Edition – A Handy Utility

PDF Reader iPad Edition

Get a whole library in your pocket! The greatest thing that the PDF Reader iPad Edition does is right in the name: it allows you to read, download, and store .pdf files on your iPad. After I downloaded it, I started using it immediately and in almost no time I had already downloaded several books from online, mainly older books whose copyrights had expired so can be downloaded for free. Then I figured out how to set up my Cloud

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Get Your Guitar in Tune with Guitar Coach Magazine

This iPad magazine is for guitar enthusiasts! Guitar Coach Magazine deals with the detailed account of guitars and makes guitaring and learning to play the guitar as beginners, intermediates, or for that matter even professional guitarist as pleasant experience. This app has been designed in such a way so that everyone can have access to this magazine even if they are unable to get the soft copy in hand. This magazine has a very unique and attractive feature – it

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