Spread Your Mood with MoodPanda

This is the right animal for the job!  People want to share anything and everything with friends and other acquaintances, thanks to the social media. Let me introduce a specialist in this area, which lets you spread and track your mood – MoodPanda. I have already used this app and now I got a chance to try it again. This app has come fully redesigned and looks much better than what it was a few months ago. It has six

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Physics Chemistry Maths Formulas: Formula MAX

Learn the formula in the way you like! I preferred humanities for my graduation as I was in no mood to learn all those formulas of Science and Maths. There were alphas, gammas, Xs, Ys etc., Apart from giving me a tough time, they put me to sleep. This area was really not my cup of tea. However, if you are in a similar situation, I think I could help you out. Read further….

Light Your Way with Tiny Flashlight

It is really a flashy app! It looks like developers are taking advantage of anything and everything that comes with those wonderful iOS devices. The list would go on like this – accelerometer, Retina Display, camera, multi-touch screen and now the time has come for the flash to coordinate with the apps. As the latest iOS devices have powerful LED flash, developers have come with some application to make the most of it. Let me review the top one in

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Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown – Play Your Part in this Adventure

Try it, if you are a zombie lover  I am not a big fan of zombie movies as the idea is bizarre and most of the times the execution would be irritating. In a few years’ time zombies have invaded everywhere and it looks like they have got into our mobile devices as well. Today I tried a game that comes under this the zombie genre. Ghost Ninja: Zombie Beatdown comes with a prelude where an innocent girl needs the

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Get FriendsWire, Stay Connected on the Go

Experience the full impact of social media! The combination of smartphones and apps makes everything possible these days. Few of my friends are masters in the art of staying connected, no matter where they are – thanks to Facebook, Twitter and other such social networking apps. Today I have got the chance to check one latest arrival in this area – FriendsWire. Let us see how it works. FriendsWire asks users to login with their Facebook account, once they have

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Importance of Getting Reviews for Mobile Apps

Have you submitted your app for review? As there are more than a million mobile apps out there, app marketing has been emerging as an independent area of Internet marketing. While Internet marketing focuses on link building, the app marketers do one thing repeated – getting their apps reviewed by websites. They consider it an important thing when it comes to promoting an app. Let me explain why. Genuine feedback: Generally a good app reviewer would approach an app as

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Jamie’s Recipes App Review

Try your hand in kitchen with Jamie Oliver  Cooking hasn’t ever been my cup of tea and I really hated it. I hated because of the end result and not for the process. I think you could understand the situation a bit. The real issue is I am very bad at cooking. I think this review would help guys like me. Jamie’s Recipes is an app that could guide users to some of the best cooking they have ever done.

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