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Want to Earn Million Dollars by App Making?

Know what it takes  Well, it looks like every app maker can become a millionaire, if they can sell five hundred thousand apps. We noticed a recent infographics that “explains” how to earn million dollars by selling an iPhone app. The following facts show the funniest side of truth. –          An average app price in the App Store is US $2.45. –          Out of it the credit card charge is US $0.37, processing fees is US $0.02 and Apple takes US

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How to Use Facebook for App Marketing

Use fan pages effectively Social Media Marketing is a popular concept that has been used by app marketers for some years now. If you know how to socialize in Facebook and Twitter, you can easily gain exposure to your products. Let us see how we can use Facebook effectively for marketing. The first thing you must do for marketing your app is developing a good site for it. It plays a significant part in branding. It is better to have

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One Super Idea to Market Your App

Use the power of the content  Internet marketers have been using one powerful tool for some years now. However, app marketers never seem to realize that. Yes, it is the content. If you visit Android Market, you can understand what I am taking about. There are some apps that charge US $3 for a download and have four lines for an app description. If you are a developer of Facebook or Angry Birds, then you don’t have to worry about

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Steve Jobs Resigned from Apple’s Top Position

“Unfortunately that day has come” Yesterday, Steve Jobs announced his resignation from his role as the boss of Apple. Steve Jobs, the brain behind all the glories of Apple, formally announced his resignation as the CEO of the company. In his resignation letter, Job has said, “I have always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple’s CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day

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Research Finds Android Unsafe, While iOS the Safest

McAfee says it all  A recent study released by McAfee claims that Android is the most unsafe mobile platform. The popular anti-virus tool maker McAfee has released its study on mobile malware attacks in ‘Second Quarter 2011 Threats Report’. Android was the third most targeted platform last quarter and it has jumped to the first place with 44 cases of malware. The number of malware targeting Google’s mobile platform jumped 76% since last quarter.

Species Finder – A New App Promotes Social Cause

It’s free… Get it today  CBD has launched a new android mobile app to create awareness about endangered species. The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is a nonprofit membership organization based inTucson, Arizona. This organization is known for its initiatives in protecting endangered species through legal action and scientific petitions. It has launched an Android app “Species Finder” to create awareness about endangered species. This app works through the Android phones GPS and helps users find endangered species where they

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10 Super-Apps dominate Android Market

They leave small developers in pain More than half of the U.S. Android activity is dominated by 20 apps, says Nielson. A latest research of Nielson, a popular marketing research company, claims that top ten apps account for 43 percent of all activity in Android mobile and another 8 percent is grabbed by the next 10 apps. The top 50 apps cover an astonishing 61 percentage of Android usage. That makes other 250,000 Android apps to battle it out for the

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Startling Revelations About iPhone Apps Download and Usage

An average user downloads 88 apps A latest research found that an average iPhone user downloads 88 apps for his mobile. Appsfire is a popular iPhone app that gives users the ability to share their favorite apps with their friends. Based on the data aggregated from 1,000 iPhone users of Appsfire, it has released some startling facts about apps download.  According to it, an average user downloads 88 apps to his phone in addition to the 20 apps that come

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