Yeloworld for Android – Make Calls at Affordable Rates


Cut down the expenditure on the phone! When the phone was invented; it was no doubt one of the best inventions in the world. Phones and especially mobile phones have made our lives very easy as we are able to communicate easily and do a lot of things conveniently. However, as much as the mobile phone is doing you good service; it also costs you a fortune. Have you ever sat down to calculate how much you spend on your

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Temporary Lock Keeps Your Droid Secured

Prevent nosey people from peaking in! In today’s world, a big chunk of our lives is saved on our phones. This calls for you to have serious protection for your phone or else your private life would be open for everyone to see. Basically, every phone comes with an option of controlling who gets to access to your phone. However, most of these methods have limitations like the inconvenience that comes with having to input a password every time you

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Jewel Bash Pinball – A Pinball Game with Pretty Graphics

Jewel Bash Pinball

Two great game concepts in one!  Jewel Bash Pinball is a very interesting Android game, that is really fun to play and you will play for long hours without getting bored. It has friendly user interface as well as high quality graphics that would be very attracting to your eyes. Jewel Bash Pinball is basically a concept of two games; the jewel breaking games as well as pinball. You may be a great fan of one of the two games

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Share Your Location with Checkin Reminder

Checkin Reminder icon

Get notified to checkin! This app is made for people who forget to check in at Foursquare. If you forget to make a check-in, Checkin Reminder will detect your location at your favorite store and make an automatic check-in for you. This app from the Link Team comes to you at no cost and requires an Android of 2.2 or above. This app has the access to your current location by means of the Global Positioning System (GPS) or other

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Convenient PowerPoint Handling with EasyPPT


Your Droid can be a remote control for the PC! Working with presentation files is something that gives many people a lot of problems. This is because in many cases, the PC in which the presentation was created is not the one used to make the presentation hence there is need to do some file transfer to ensure that you have the right file in the right computer. This problem is usually solved by the use of flash drives. Although

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Air Your Views Through Manifest

A new way to speak out your opinion! Manifest is an application that allows its users to speak out their thoughts and opinions in matters relating to their day to day lives. If you feel that there is something wrong about the way the system runs, then this is the best place to air your views. The main difference about this app and most other similar apps is that in Manifest, whatever you say will actually be seen and heard

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Slots Social Casino – Compete with Players Around the World

Get 3D platform for playing casino slots! In life, we all need to have some fun from time to time. There are very many things that people do and it does not matter what you have done as long as you have had a good time and you have enjoyed yourself at the end of the day. Casino games are some of the games people enjoy playing during their free time. It is absolute fun playing these games and they

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Organize Your Finances with Manilla

manilla app

Pay your bills on time! Life is quite dynamic and many at times we might find ourselves having much to do more than the time that we have. Due to these reasons; it is necessary to always keep records and have reminders so that we can always be up to date with whatever that we are doing. It is very easy to find ourselves forgetting some of the basic obligations that we are expected to perform such as paying our

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Enhance Images with Paint FX: Photo Effects Editor

Turn Your Photos into Professional Looking Pictures! There are thousands of photo editing apps available for smartphones, but most of them fall short on users’ expectation. Picture apps mostly allow users to apply a few basic filters on the photos, resize and crop them and maybe color them, so it can be very demanding for a smartphone app to deliver Photoshop like performance with just a few screen taps and swipes. But this Sprite Labs developed application has brought both

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AireTalk for Free Calls and Messaging

An interesting alternative to Skype! Most Apps fair in test on Smartphones of higher range with larger displays and higher processing power, but when it comes to phones which do not have these traits, these apps might be reconsidered before use. AireTalk, which runs seamlessly on higher range phones, needs a bit more work done before it can adapt itself to mid-range and lower range phones. Let us the examine the features of it. “Studio” is one of the innovative

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