CloudMounter – Access Your Cloud Services Easily

CloudMounter app

Data storage has moved from physical devices to what we call the cloud. Nebulous at first, the cloud seemed like a solution that could work, but for skeptics, it was something to be wary of. Today, nothing in terms of computing and data management can be done without the cloud. Everyone uses it – including individual users. If you are a Mac owner and want an easy way to access each and every cloud account you own, then CloudMounter is

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Organize and Get Fit Easily with Hoops Connect

Hoops Connect app

Getting fit and staying in shape is hard enough without having to deal with the added layer of work introduced by fitting it in to your busy schedule. If you are like most folks and prefer organizing exercise sessions with others, whether it be a full team or a few friends, then there’s a fix to your organizing woes. Hoops Connect is an app created by someone who wanted to make it easy to find other basketball players interested in

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Explore the Planets with Black Dodger

Black Dodger app

In this arcade-style game, you are an alien-like character with hair that looks like fire. There are many unique places and planets to explore in the game. The first planet you will explore is a purple world. The first thing you will do is click on the planet. This planet will lead you to a tutorial for the upcoming parts of the game. It will help prepare you for the other levels. One drawback to the game was that, in

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Spree Pop – Enjoy an Escapade

Spree Pop game

Spree Pop is a straightforward mobile game that I really liked. It’s a stripped down, arcade shooter that supports iPhone X and iOS 11. The game features clean, colorful visuals and fun game mechanics. Besides, Spree Pop fun time is dominated by the sprightly soundtrack which makes the game so addictive that once you pop, it’s irresistible. It’s remarkably easy to pick up and play for this game but putting it down is the exact opposite. Its entire set up

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CloudMounter – Encrypt Your Files on Cloud

CloudMounter app

CloudMounter is a service that lets you encrypt all the files you have on Dropbox, Google Drive and/or One drive account for free! The latest version 3.0 supports further cloud service including: Box cloud service, Back blaze B2 and Amazon S3. Using the CloudMounter your internal hard drive can be extended and the amount of data which you are able to operate with is extensive with access from any place with an Internet connection. You have the possibility to link

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Super School – Unique, Brilliant and Extremely Useful

Super School

Any sane parent would want their kids to be smart, brilliant and intelligent raising intelligent kids nowadays has assumed new dimensions the traditional school system cannot be left alone on the responsibility of nurturing brilliant children who would in turn be adults of substance that humanity will be proud of perhaps this is the sentiment that was shared by the developers of this children game. The super school application is simply a mobile school with this application your children can

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TriPeaks Solitaire Promises Challenges Every Step of the Way

Tripeaks Solitaire Challenge featured

Think Solitaire is for old folk – think again. We know there’s plenty of app out there that make Solitaire more than just your grandpa’s old card game; but, TriPeaks takes this tried and true game to new heights. Laying out the cards in unique configurations, oftentimes mimicking three peaks – hence the name – you get to experience a new game every time you open the app. Free to download, TriPeaks does offer several in-app purchases to help make

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Search for Movies and TV Series with Movie Show

Movie Show Screenshot

The days of not having a way to read up on entertainment news or movies while travelling on a long journey or after a boring and hectic day are a thing of the past. The Android Store has an incredible library of movie apps that are mind blowing and will amaze any movie fanatic with the things they have. Movie Show app is an excellent app found free in the Android store that lets you search for as well as

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Audials Radio – Play Local, Listen Global

Audials Radio featured

Are you bored with your playlist? Let’s face it, it can get pretty expensive to have to buy every song you want to just check out or explore   new music genres. Pandora only plays so many songs, you start hearing repeats every so often and Spotify sometime fits the bill, but neither are as globally rich as Audials. What’s Audials, you ask? Audials is a radio app that brings a word of music to your ears through your very own

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lumio – Highlight and Share Content For Instant Consumption

Lumio Screenshot

It’s so easy these days to copy a link and send it to a friend or coworker. But, what if that friend or coworker does not have the best wifi available, or what if their connection is iffy at best. If you wanted them to read what you sent, well, kiss that goodbye, because they are going to have to wait until they have a strong enough connection to get to your link. That’s where lumio sheds it light on

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