VIPole Secure Messenger Protects Your Data

VIPole Secure Instant Messenger

Modern technology has made it exceptionally easy for people to communicate over long distances. However, at the same time it has made the information exchanged and stored in their devices extremely vulnerable to possible hacking at the hands of cyber criminals.People suffer through possible risks to security and go at lengths to secure their highly sensitive information and data, which if falls into wrong hands can result into a disaster for their businesses. There are several apps out there that

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Pricepirates Mobile Delivers the Best Product Offers

Pricepirates Mobile app

Everyone desires to have some sort of a device to help them buy a product at the lowest price available. Unfortunately there are so many online websites offering the product that it becomes a hassle to compare and contrast different prices. This is why there are a number of apps out there that promise to find you the best deal, and Pricepirates Mobile is one such app. In this review, well have a look at what it is all about.

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NiLi – Getting to Know a City Better

NiLi screenshot

Ever been in a great city and wondered what there is to do nearby. If you live in that city, chances are you already know about the better places to go to get in on a great party, or have a great dinner; but, if you are a stranger to a place, that is no easy feat. Thats where NiLi comes to the rescue. NiLi is NightLife made easy. Its an app that rockin and roarin in cities like Los

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Tears of the Machine – Total Recall in a Game

Tears of the Machine app

Many defender games are founded on friction between factions, but Tears of the Machine brings a storyline full of unanswered questions and mysterious memories into a battle to defeat the enemy and discover where you came from. Creatively quartered into four episodes, this app overflows with adventure, challenging you to defeat the Global Order Coalition, all while you maintain your quest to discover the identity of the girl that haunts your dreams. Set in 2085, this game finds you awakening

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Fishing with Grandpa – Educational Fun on a Fishing Trip

Fishing with Grandpa

No one knows stuff like Grandpa. Hes got tales longer than a monkey, and wisdom thats deeper than the Grand Canyon. If your childs real grandpa is not around, nothing beats Fishing with Grandpa, for an enriching experience all kids will love. Fishing with Grandpa lets kids take a virtual day off spent with Grandpa. They get to pick what to pack, choose their very own hook and reel and a lure to make the fish come flying out of

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Encrypt and Decrypt Emails with PGPTools

PGP Tools

Security is one of the major issues when you are using the internet. The fact that information can be leaked or copied is a major concern to mot business owners or individuals that are on a look out for ways that can make their information safe and secure. Fortunately, there are several apps out there that can do it for you and one such app is PGPTools. It is an application for Android by SJ software and is introduced to

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Sage’s Sky – Glide and Grow as You Soar Across the Sky

Sages Sky app

Launch yourself into loads of fun with a new game that rivals Angry Birds any day. Sage’s Sky not only gives you the thrill of catapulting your bird, otherwise known as Sage, into the wild blue yonder on an adventure that takes him miles away. The bigger and stronger he grows, the farther he flies. So, how do you get Sage to his greatest potential? Download Sage’s Sky and find out. The download is quick and easy. Once you open

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Tangram Browser for Power Users

Tangram browser

With the improvement of technology, many of us now use our smartphones for a wide variety of reasons. Browsing the internet is one of the main reasons that people use smartphones. Whether it be research for a student’s next assignment or even just surfing for fun facts, an internet browser is a must have app on anyone’s smartphone. Tangram is a mobile browser that is targeting professionals, power users, knowledge workers, and the mobile enterprise. Comparing all the mobile browsers

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Roamer – Cheap Calls & Roaming SIM App

Roamer app

Travelling abroad is a fun thing to do, but many find that it is a little hard to do as well. Even though it is always fun to interact with new people, and get new experiences at new places, having to call your loved ones can be a very difficult thing to do as different countries have different roaming rates. Using roaming while abroad is an expensive thing to do, and the way to avoid that is to get access

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iBiome-Wetland – Education Through Exercises Brings Biome to You

iBiome-Wetland app

Finding science education software that kids want actually want to play and one that delivers can be a daunting task. It almost takes enough research to write your own thesis! Fear not, because the creative coders at Springbay Studios have brought fun and science together in an app like no other. If you are looking for a fun and easy way to learn more about wetlands, then iBiome-Wetland delivers. Its hands-on approach brings the biome experience to you and your

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