Coach Guitar – Independently Learn to Strum the Strings of a Guitar

coach guitar app

Have an interest in learning how to play the guitar, but just don’t have the time to take classes? Well, if you thought the idea of teaching yourself was impossible, think again. Coach Guitar is a neat app that you can download on your iPhone or iPad that brings that learning experience and techniques to your fingertips. Learn when you want and where you want. The download is for free and it comes with various in-app purchases so you can

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ShopSavvy vs. RedLaser – Which is better?

Consumers already spend more than half of their time interacting with online retailers from a mobile device. And as that number continues to grow, shopping enthusiasts are turning to price comparison apps to find the best deals. The price comparison app marketplace is a crowded one, but shoppers shouldn’t get the idea that all of them are basically the same. A comparison of two of these apps — ShopSavvy and RedLaser, eBay’s product-finder app — prove that’s not the case.

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We Are Going to Review Apps!

Submit your app and get an honest opinion  After all those app marketing tips, we have finally decided to provide some reviews for the iOS and Android apps. Well, if you are a developer, you can submit your app here and know our honest opinion about it. The review would be around 300 words with a rating for the app. It will also have links to the App Store or Android Market page and the developer’s site. The app review

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Importance of Marketing an App

A process that is much more elaborate than development  Recently I came across a reader, who wants us to help him in marketing his app. At present he has more than ten apps in the App Store and as far as I know, he had done nothing to market them. He asked us to run short and successful marketing campaign for a week. Now, I want share something about app marketing to our readers. The app development is a one

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Standard Features for an App

Don’t miss them while developing one Smartphone apps are available in various categories. However, while downloading an app, users expect to see some general features in them no matter which category they belong to. If you are developing an app, see that your are not going to miss them. About: It is almost like the ‘About us’ page of a website. The developers can give information like their website, contact mail ID and Facebook fan page. They can also include

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iOS and Android Apps Combined Total Reached 1 Million

Appsfire said that the combined total of iOS and Android apps has reached 1 million. Appsfire is an app tracking company that provides market data from different mobile app stores. It says that the smartphone app market has reached “ a significant milestone” with the combined total of Android and iOS apps reaching the count 1 million. It has also said that only 800,000 of those apps are active.

Nielson Revealed the Names of Super Apps

Google and Facebook ruling the Android You may have read our story about Nielson’s report on 10 super apps that have been ruling the Android Market. The marketing analysis firm Nielson has revealed the names of those apps in its “All About Android” webinar. Understandably the Android Market app is in the top position with more than 90% usage, while Google Maps (74.6%) and Gmail (74.5%) following it. Social networking giant Facebook is in forth position and Google Search gets

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