Locai – Losing Users by Name

The situation stresses the importance of finding a right name  Locai app is facing failure due to the autocorrect feature of Android. Locai is a location based service, along the lines of Foursquare with a heavier focus on conversations. Few weeks back it launched its own app in the App Store. It got a fair amount of success which makes it to proceed to the Android version. The whole story starts here. Few days after launching this app, it seems

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Top Five Productivity Apps for Smartphone

Increase productivity and save money Small businesses have been using productivity apps for sometime to save money. According to a study, a small business can save up to US $14,000 for year per employee. If you are busy executive, get these apps to do things on the go. Camscanner Free:  CamScanner Free for iPhone lets users digitize any paper documents by photo shooting. It can auto crop image, enhance image quality to create an industry standard PDF file. The paid

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iPhone – A Story of Domination

Do you know these amazing facts?  After its launch in 2007, iPhone has taken the world by a storm. This story of success involves some amazing facts. In the U.S., iPhone was launched initially with AT&T network and during February 2011, Verizon launched iPhone in its network. In a month’s time Verizon had managed to attract 2.2 million users. In 113 countries, which include Liechtenstein, Macao and Saudi Arabia, Apple has sold more than 100 million iPhones.

Apple’s Success Story Under Steve Jobs

Welcome to Apple’s era It looks like Steve Jobs had done some wonders to the Apple to make it grow this big. Let us look at some of the facts that highlight the astonishing growth of Apple. After being fired in 1984, Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. When he returned the value of Apple’s one share is US $3.19. Within 10 years he made it to reach US $200 and when left Apple last month the company’s share

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Android App Downloads to Outpace App Store

However iOS developers will earn more According to a recent research Android will surpass the App Store in application downloads for the first time. Ovum, a research firm, claims Android to gain 8.1 billion app downloads this year, while App Store getting 6 billion downloads. The rise of Android downloads may be the result of other application stores such as those at GetJar and Amazon.

Americans Love Their Smarphones

And iPhone Users are willing to spend more for apps  A recent survey finds one third of Americans love their smartphones more than sex. TeleNav, a consumer location-based services provider conducted a survey to find the influence of smartphones among the Americans. In this survey 70% of the participants opined that they would give up alcohol for a week, rather than losing their mobile phone for the same period of time. 33% of participants were ready to give up sex

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Have a Small Business? Then Use Apps

They are said to be boosting the productivity  A series of recent studies suggest that a plenty of small businesses are using smartphone apps for their daily operations. There is an app for anything and everything. It seems like small businesses too are inclining towards the using the mobile apps. In the US alone 72 percent of the small businesses are using apps for their businesses, while 70 percent of enterprise executives use at least one app for their business.

And the Smartphones Are Used For….

Checking and sending mails A recent study by Google Insight says smartphone users obsessed with checking mails with their device. Google tracks all the latest trends in the digital world through its service Google Insight. Its latest study says, apart from making and receiving calls and sending and receiving text messages, people use smartphones mostly for checking and sending mails. 82 percent of the smartphone users are using their device for this.

Internet Marketing VS App Marketing

Know the difference to excel Many SEOs confuse the internet marketing with the app marketing. They are nearly the same, but app marketing has one additional dimension. Let me discuss it here. In internet marketing, generally the SEOs have to make the surfers visit the site and they don’t have to worry about other things associated with it like whether they are clicking the ad or buying a product or a service from the site. The site owners need to

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