Sapience Buddy Time Tracker


Are you a procrastinator or someone who struggles to manage time between busy work schedule and personal schedules? Sapience buddy time tracker can be your best buddy then as it gives you detailed analytics that will help you discover the time spent on unwanted apps, calls or in unwanted locations. So if you wish to manage your time and find that work personal life balance, this app is the one to go for. Go ahead and give it a go,

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Kombie for Creative Video Editing

Kombie screenshot

Kombie a creative, video-editing application, has now entered the app store. This application has the potential to be the next popular social-media platform. Kombie allows its users to search through their databases of video clips, and thread those clips together with their own personal recordings or videos. Registering for this application is a very simple process. The process begins with simple prompts from the application to either register your Kombie account through Facebook, or you can use an email address,

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What2Share – Choose Your Words, Pics and Emojis Wisely

What2Share app

Sometimes words do no justice! Sometimes words aren’t enough to really say what you mean. That’s when those funny emojis, humorous images, and quick video clips help out. But, with the way instant messaging and email is set up, it’s not easy to send those entertaining pieces of media. You literally have to send the image or video from within the app it resides, which means exiting the email or message app and sending it separately. This completely removes the

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Allcal – Organizer App that Makes it Fun to Plan


Event planning is no easy feat, and when you add to it the extra layer of coordinating inputs from several planning participants, it can quickly become a nightmare. Now, there is an app to make it a lot easier to plan, coordinate and then connect, all from one app. Allcal is more than just a calendaring app, it’s a whole new way of creating events that allows you to easily include people into your planning and have fun at the

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LaunchCode Shortcut- Launch Apps Fast without Getting Lost

Incredibly handy for accessing a select few apps quickly and easily! Who doesn’t have a gazillion apps on their iPhone, and when you need to get to that one app that seems to elude you time and time and again, you begin to wish for a virtual assistant or a directory for your apps. Well, imagine, if you will, the ability to assign each app that you need to find quickly a symbol to identify it, allowing you to draw

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Prizap Let’s You Pick Your Deals

No one likes to pay more than they have to for anything! We all love a great deal, because the more you save, the more you have left over to spend on something else! Well, have you ever been shopping, found exactly the item you wanted, but wanted to be sure you were getting the best deal you could possible get? Now you can. Prizap, by Avedna Krea, is an app that runs on your handy-dandy iOS device, and allows

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TextMuse – Explore, Share and Connect with a Simple Tap

Share unique finds with friends!  Most of us communicate via Smartphone or some electronic device using text messages, either typed in or voiced, to relay a message, send an alert, or brighten one’s day. Every so often we stumble across something so unique, fun or interesting that we want to share right that moment, but oftentimes, that moment is not quite conducive to opening up an email account and sending a message with a link. What would be awesome is

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