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Thousands of Stations at Your Fingertips with nRadio


Sometimes, you just want to listen to your radio station the one that plays exactly what you like with a few surprises thrown in now and then. There are limits to traditional radio, though. You have to be in a certain area for a traditional radio to pick up a signal. Take a vacation a hundred miles away, and youve lost access to your station; and, you are left scanning stations, listening for a mix that makes your mood.

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UVUEME – Make Your Emails and Texts Look Great

Uvueme mobile app

In todays world of electronic communication, a lot of professional messages are sent through emails and even texts. These messages, while occasionally sent through informal means, must retain some formality. Its not always easy to remember to have a signature at the bottom of every message. Some email services offer the ability to add signatures, but they arent always customizable. UVUEME is a program that allows emails and text messages sent from your phone to end with a signature.

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Mobile Casino is an app that has been recently developed this October 2014. This app is suitable for the entertainment of the whole family with guidance to the 17 years old and above. There is no reason for you to go to the casino anymore because this app has everything you need all at once. And by the way, there is also the option to play online casino, if you prefer to play the desktop version. It does not drain

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Keep the Neighborhood Peace with Bark’n Mad

Barking Dog

Loud dogs are a neighborhood nuisance. Houses adjoining the residence of a rambunctious pet can get woken by howling in the night. Owners have to fend off complaints while trying to train their pet. Dog owners cant devote all of their time to training their dog. Fortunately, theres an app for that. Barkn Mad is a great tool to control barking dogs. The app works on iPads, iPhones, and iPod Touches. It records up to twelve hours of data

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Space Animals Not Just for Kids

Space Animals

Space truly is the final frontier, and animals have finally reached it too. Space Animals is a new game developed for the android phone designed to create fun for the entire family. This is a game for everybody with simple and wonderful game play that is easy for anybody to use. Space Animals does not take up a lot of space, only about 50mb and will not drain your battery recklessly. The developers are very interactive with their consumers

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BizNitz – Find and Hire the Help You Need

BizNitz app

We all have projects big and small of things that need to be fixed or improved upon. They can be in our home, our flat, or our condo. Fix ups could range from patching up a small hole in the wall to painting the interior of a house. The challenge that folks face is finding the right people to do the job right, within your budget, and reliably. Yeah, you could scour the newspapers to find a local handyman;

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Fly and Learn in Reach for the Skies

Reach for the Skies app

Children would prefer to use an app to play games, while their parents would have them use technology as a tool to learn. Reach for the Skies is an app that offers fun action as well as some education to boot. There are different categories to play with – even an option to create your own questions. The categories also have different levels that come with age recommendations. The only downside is that you have to pay for the

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Manipulate Gravity to Solve Puzzles in Block Mate

Block Mate

Are you looking for an app that will test your brain power? There are numerous types of puzzle and geometrically challenging games available to download as an app. Some are great, others are repeats or just not unique enough to provide a challenge. Block Mate is a game that presents a simple goal through a mind-bending process. Just like other great puzzle games, Block Mate is addicting once you get the hang of it. It provides enough entertainment to

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Deep Defence – Aim to be the Last Tank Standing

Deep Defence

Looking for a simple, yet fun game to fill up small moments of your day? Download Deep Defence and let the gaming begin! Deep Defence takes you straight to a battlefield where you maneuver your tank around other tanks, both moving and stationary, to defend yourself against the enemy. Tanks will come at you while fighter planes will fly overhead youll see their shadows stream across the screen. Your mission is to stay intact and take out tanks that

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Music Cube – A Revolutionary Music App

Music Cube app

Music is the greatest part of life, it is something that almost everybody enjoys and listens to and yet it can be so hard to find a music player that can make the music sound perfect. There is an app out called Music Cube that is turning heads and changing the way people listen to music because it is simply revolutionary. There are several reviews of this app within the app store boasting at 5 stars and this is

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