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File Expert A High Quality File Manager

File Expert app

If you need a way to expertly manage your files I have found the perfect app that can help you out. This app is an absolutely wonderful app that can help you keep all of your files, which include photos, music, videos, documents, and APKs, on both android devices and the cloud. This app is supposed to make managing your files a lot easier and a lot simpler. Not only that but this app was just recently updated to

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Invisible Pix – Not Your Average Coloring Book

Invisible Pix app

Invisible Pix is a new iOS app that is friendly for all ages. This app is advertised as a magic picture book that allows users to color in shapes in order to create beautiful, breathtaking images. Invisible Pix is a not-so-subtle reminder that coloring books and crayons are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Todays generation of young people have the unique opportunity to create art digitally through the use of objects like tablets and smartphones. Stay tuned

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Sportsman PRO. Workout for Your Fitness

Sportsman PRO. Workout screenshot

When looking for an exercise app what do you look for? I personally look for style. I need something that suits me, which looks like me and fits my personality. It is so hard to find something like that, an exercise app that you can use that looks like and is suited towards your needs. One that knows what level you are on and can help you set up the perfect workout schedule/set. Im going to let you in

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E-Books for Empathy: The Restricted Adventures of Raja

The Restricted Adventures of Raja app

Parents of small kids who are looking to help teach them how to be model citizens and be empathetic for others around them will rejoice when they see what United Animal Nations has come out with. They have created a series of digital books that follow the trials and tribulations of Raja the dog, and how he learns to care for and consider the feelings of those around him when he makes decisions. The app is called E-Books for

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Trail of Shadows: Origin – Mysterious and Murky Adventure to Uncover the Truth

trail of shadows origin app

Are you looking for a different kind of game that you can take with you anywhere you go, while you, yourself venture through a maze of rooms and places unfamiliar and enticing? Well, Trail of Shadows: Origin is just the game for you. Origin, brought to us by Mohamed Elzankaly, is the next in a series of adventures craftily created by the developer. It is a tap and click adventure game that moves at different pace; and, for just

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Audiobooks Now Allows for Easy Literary Enjoyment

Audiobooks Now app

There are times when we just want to curl up with a good book and relax. Many of us, unfortunately, find ourselves lacking ample free time to do so. Another alternative is to listen to you favorite stories by playing audio books. Now, I am not one to pop in a CD and passively take part in a novel, be it fiction or non-fiction, unless it involves both the auditory and visual senses. However, I had a make an

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3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods Caters Your Wildest Dreams

3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods slider

There is an app out there that is very creative and beautiful, an app that can cater to your wildest dreams. This app can show you the beauty in art and in the world, it can show you fantastic things. You can have access to fantastic worlds, all from your phone. The fairies nearly come to life, bringing you into their elven world and showing the beauty of nature. The way that they move is so smooth, as they

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Slots Pharaohs Way – Enjoy the Exotic of Egypt

Slots Pharaohs way app

Simulated slots are sending folks for a spin, giving them a chance to play their favorite game without having to leave the comfort of home. Slots Pharaoh’s Way brings the exotic of Egypt and pairs it with the fun of slot machine gaming, allowing players to work their way through levels, taking higher risks for greater returns, and eventually making it through all the realms that the game has to offer. Pharaoh’s Way is a multi-slot gaming dynamic that

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Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire Comes Packed with With Excitement

Slots Pharaohs Fire app

Tired of driving to remote destinations to find the slots you seek? Unless you live in Las Vegas, chances are you don’t have slots just around the corner. For those of you who need to get your slot machine fix every so often, without wasting time getting to and from, be sure to check out and download Slots Pharaoh’s Fire. With everything available on apps, you can now bet your bottom dollar that slots would be there, too. This

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TaoMix 2 Brings Calm Surroundings with Soothing Sounds

TaoMix 2

Today, our lives have become more hectic than ever before. We are constantly polling our devices to see if someone sent us anything; or, reacting all too quickly to texts that come in, because we just cannot help it. People love instant gratification. Well, its time to give our bodies and minds from gratification that takes things down notch or two, bringing overall serenity and holistic gratification on a grander scale. How does one do that? Well, there is

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