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Roulette Live Casino – Rendezvous with Roulette Fun

Roulette Live Casino app

The flash of lights and the boom of sounds, experience the buzz of excitement all around you as a suited up crowd passes around you, looking for a game of chance and a chance to mingle, shoulder to shoulder with fellow players. Feel like you are in Vegas, but be sitting in the comfort of home, or at work, or at a bus station. No matter where you are, if you have Live Roulette on your device, you have

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Whack Magic 2 – Wizarding Fun Whacking Away Monsters

whack magic 2

It’s like Whack-a-Mole meets Hogwarts! Whack Magic 2 is a game where you have to zap monsters that slowly encroach upon the playing field before they get to you. Colorful and dynamic, Whack Magic 2 keeps players fully engrossed and on the edge of their seats. Teeming with monsters of all sorts, your job is to figure out their mode of destruction and wipe them out before they destroy you. You, as the player, are armed with a magic

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Poker Live Omaha & Texas – Online Poker Gaming Las Vegas Style

Poker Live Omaha & Texas

Can’t get together with your poker buddies? Don’t have any poker buddies? Ok, well, poker is not restricted to just the guys anymore, so for all of you who love a good game, you can now take the gaming table with you, wherever you go. Gone are the days when you have to wait for your Wednesday night poker party to hang with other and play a good game of bluff. All you have to do is download the

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GoingPlaces – A Deluge of Travel Destinations at your Service!

GoingPlaces app

Finding your next travel destination is easier than you think! Ever sit and wonder about the places you will go to? Want an adventure that takes you far away, but not where others typically roam? GoingPlaces is the app for you. GoingPlaces will you have you, well, going places! Going to places that you may not have known existed, or going to places that are just around the corner. Its your choice. You get to explore from what seems

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BlackJack Live Casino – Table Gaming at Your Fingertips

BlackJack Live

Whether you want to play live or on your own, BlackJack gamers can find the fun and thrill of the game by downloading BlackJack Live Casino by Abzorba Games. A free download on your iPhone or iPad, this app brings the casino home, or wherever you are, so you can get your game on, anytime, anyplace. The app takes the classic game from Las Vegas and enhances it with features that enrich the gaming experience monumentally. Gamers can chat

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FileScanner – Scan and Send from Anywhere


If you have a business that keeps you on the go, then you need FineScanner. FineScanner puts the power of technology in your hands by turning photos that are taken with your devices camera into sharply detailed PDFs or JPEG images that you can save, send, and print. The app is a free download that comes chock full of functionality; however, if you want to fine tune it, there are opportunities to do so with in-app purchases: Disable Ads

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Updown Fitness – Easier Workouts with a Portable Personal Trainer

Updown Fitness

Staying fit is no easy feat. We all have our moments when we finally admit that its time to get healthy by eating better and getting more exercise. The hard part is executing on that decision. Back in the day, it was easier to get that exercise, because much of what we did involved some physical activity. You can create that sense of urgency to get up and move with the help of technology the very thing that is

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Slotpark – Play without Losing Money

Slotpark app

This application is currently available only in some of the European App Stores. This game application focuses on slot machines, and offers many rounds of play. No actual money is involved in the application. When you first open the application, you will first see a welcome screen that walks you through how the game works and the features of the game. When you first play the game, you will be given 500 coins. Once on the main menu, a

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Music with Grandma Teaches the Basics of Music

Music with Grandma app

Music with Grandma is an iPhone app for children to use. This application aims at teaching children the basics of music. This includes: Learning about different types of music, learning about different types of instruments, learning about the different types of musical scales and notes, learning about the types of notes and how long they are held, and they are also taught how to read music and follow patterns. The interface of the application is very bright and colorful.

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Peace of Mind – Effective, Easy to Use Blocker

Peace of Mind app

Tired of poor performance from your iPhone or iPad, and know that its due to CPU-sucking ads that infiltrate your space? Well, fret no morePeace of Mind is the easy to use app that will help prevent outsiders from stealing whats yours your power on your machine. An added benefit that comes with is the notion of knowing that you can also block spies who want to capture and exploit your every move in the apps you use and

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