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iBiome-Wetlands – Education Through Exercises Brings Biome to You

iBiome-Wetland app

Finding science education software that kids want actually want to play and one that delivers can be a daunting task. It almost takes enough research to write your own thesis! Fear not, because the creative coders at Springbay Studios have brought fun and science together in an app like no other. If you are looking

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Arabian Heroes – Arabian Family Fight to Defeat the Foe

Arabian Heroes app

Games come and go, and most seem to have the same old story and same old setting. Ive been on the search for something different and usually end up finding the same futuristic battle-based games, hunts for treasure in the Amazon, or math-based puzzles. One day, however, I did stumble across a game that caught

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What2Share – Choose Your Words, Pics and Emojis Wisely

What2Share app

Sometimes words do no justice! Sometimes words aren’t enough to really say what you mean. That’s when those funny emojis, humorous images, and quick video clips help out. But, with the way instant messaging and email is set up, it’s not easy to send those entertaining pieces of media. You literally have to send the

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TextMuse – Explore, Share and Connect with a Simple Tap

TextMuse slider

Share unique finds with friends!  Most of us communicate via Smartphone or some electronic device using text messages, either typed in or voiced, to relay a message, send an alert, or brighten one’s day. Every so often we stumble across something so unique, fun or interesting that we want to share right that moment, but

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