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Audiobooks Now Allows for Easy Literary Enjoyment

Audiobooks Now app

There are times when we just want to curl up with a good book and relax. Many of us, unfortunately, find ourselves lacking ample free time to do so. Another alternative is to listen to you favorite stories by playing audio books. Now, I am not one to pop in a CD and passively take part in a novel, be it fiction or non-fiction, unless it involves both the auditory and visual senses. However, I had a make an

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3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods Caters Your Wildest Dreams

3D Live Wallpaper: Fairy Woods slider

There is an app out there that is very creative and beautiful, an app that can cater to your wildest dreams. This app can show you the beauty in art and in the world, it can show you fantastic things. You can have access to fantastic worlds, all from your phone. The fairies nearly come to life, bringing you into their elven world and showing the beauty of nature. The way that they move is so smooth, as they

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Slots Pharohs Way Enjoy the Exotic of Egypt

Slots Pharaohs way app

Simulated slots are sending folks for a spin, giving them a chance to play their favorite game without having to leave the comfort of home. Slots Pharaoh’s Way brings the exotic of Egypt and pairs it with the fun of slot machine gaming, allowing players to work their way through levels, taking higher risks for greater returns, and eventually making it through all the realms that the game has to offer. Pharaoh’s Way is a multi-slot gaming dynamic that

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Slots – Pharaoh’s Fire Comes Packed with With Excitement

Slots Pharaohs Fire app

Tired of driving to remote destinations to find the slots you seek? Unless you live in Las Vegas, chances are you don’t have slots just around the corner. For those of you who need to get your slot machine fix every so often, without wasting time getting to and from, be sure to check out and download Slots Pharaoh’s Fire. With everything available on apps, you can now bet your bottom dollar that slots would be there, too. This

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TaoMix 2 Brings Calm Surroundings with Soothing Sounds

TaoMix 2

Today, our lives have become more hectic than ever before. We are constantly polling our devices to see if someone sent us anything; or, reacting all too quickly to texts that come in, because we just cannot help it. People love instant gratification. Well, its time to give our bodies and minds from gratification that takes things down notch or two, bringing overall serenity and holistic gratification on a grander scale. How does one do that? Well, there is

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Happy Fruits – Colors and Fun Explode in Slots for All

Happy Fruits app

Bursting with fun, Happy Fruits Pub Slots is a slot machine gaming app for the iPhone and iPad that will send you reeling with ecstatic happiness the minute you start playing. Fruit-themed, and colored just the same, this app is a single-themed slot machine that revolves around fruits, colors, and happiness. If you are like me and you seek slots that entertain not only by paying out well, but offers up an experience that leaves a smile on your

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Select Your Favorite Slot Machine with Gaminator


The game is a typical casino play with Gaminator enabled mechanisms compatible with mobile devices. This game comes as a charge-free package of genuine Gaminator features, 3D quality graphics, and distinctive sound effects. With this game, youll enjoy a real Gaminator experience while playing with your desired casino slots. Below is a brief overview of the Gaminator game for iPhones. Gaminator is an online casino game of chance strictly made for entertainment purposes. The game entails simple steps of

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Capture and Master the Basics of Thai Language – Thai Alphabet Game F

Thai Alphabet Game F

This game is a linguistic guide that guides you through the different idioms, alphabets, and letters in the Thai language. It avails a discreet interface that provides relevant alphabets and numbers available in Thai language, also provides an easy way to write, pronounce, and understand each alphabet and its meaning. The app is perfectly designed to suit beginners, kids, and foreigners with a simpler way to study and learn the Thai language. To capture and master the basics of

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Fight with Aliens on X-CORE. Galactic Plague

X-CORE Galacitc Plague app review

X-CORE Galactic plague is an android based war game with a challenging strategy concept. The game requires its players to help the alien invaders attack earthlings whose gaming mechanics resembles that of Plague or Pandemic. In most cases, only 10% of its players are able to reach the last stage and can boast the complete levels. To test whether your gaming ability match theirs, just download and install it in your android smartphone and examine your ability to subdue

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Capture Fun and Share with Friends – Cops n Robbers Safecracker

Cops n robbers app

Featuring 5 reels, rich with several possibilities for winning, Cops n Robbers Safecracker slot machine game is a definite download you can’t spend another second without. Brought to the iOS community by Mazooma, Cops n Robbers is chock full of excitement in a single-slot game. Similar in style to its slot cousin, Happy Fruits, Cops n Robbers provides a bit of a different takes on slots, with different symbols, but with just as much punch as its fruity friend.

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