One Year on and Google’s No Closer to Relaxing Global iGaming Restrictions

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In August 2017, Google decided to relax its notoriously hard stance on iGaming by removing restrictions for operators and developers in Western Europe — mainly the U.K., France and Ireland. Finally, organizations operating within these territories were able to directly market their Android apps to target users in the Play store (and take advantage of the business development opportunities this brought), and mobile gamers on the Android platform could get their hands on the same exciting iGaming apps that iOS

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Sync.ME – Caller ID & Block for Android and iPhone

Enhance your experience with your phone! If you have a smartphone, chances are that you use it for pretty much everything in your personal life. Email, social media, and even games seem to take up the bulk of our time on our phones, so much so that we often forget what they were made for: sending and receiving calls. That is, we forget about it until we suddenly get a call from a stranger halfway across the country, or when

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Griddition – Leaps and Bounds Ahead of 2048!

Sudoku for the modern era! Griddition is a game that, on its surface, seems like 2048 in many ways. Both games are puzzles based on moving around number-filled boxes. The key difference between these games, however, is that while 2048 is a game that you can pick up and swipe away at for a few hours (or, most likely, minutes), Griddition is a game that actively challenges you as you go with progressive and dynamic changes, ultimately making for a

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Triple Prime – Number Jumbles that Test Swiping Skills

A tiny number matching puzzle! Remember that old number sliding game you used to get in birthday party goodie bags. The tiles would slide around and your goal was to arrange the tiles, from 1 to 9, in order. After you master that, you would change things up a bit and maybe try to assemble them in reverse order. Well, if you like working with numbers and enjoy a good mathematical challenge, then Triple Prime is a game to try.

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Raendel – Safe and Secure Connections that Matter

Anonymity and privacy are the crux of this app!  If you are looking for a way to connect to people in a way that’s protected and private, then Raendel (for iOS and Android) is just the app you are looking for. When you want to share photos and get feedback on what you’ve been up to lately, Facebook, Twitter and all of those other social media engines work great. They expose to an extent that allow you to openly share

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Rush of Heroes – A Game with a Strong Story Base

Offers a breakthrough against the usual card game set-up! Rush of Heroes is the new buzz for the online game players who enjoy the fun of completely animated 3D graphics. This new game is an adaptation of World of Warcraft and is an improved version of I am MT. The most significant feature of this new mobile app is that it offers a breakthrough against the usual card game set-up as it offers a more genuine battle system which is

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