Best Nursery Rhyme and Lullaby App for Your Child – Nursery Rhymes & Kid Lullabies

Nursery Rhymes kid Lullabies screenshot

As a parent of toddlers or preschoolers, the best way to enjoy your break is by keeping them engaged momentarily with rhymes. It so happens that every time they watch YouTube or a free video streaming platform, ads annoy them and hinder their seamless watching experience. Worst case, while trying to skip an ad, they get redirected to an inappropriate adult site or unknowingly trigger a series of junk app installations. If there were an app that is absolutely ad-free

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Microsoft: The World’s Best Collaboration Tool and Why It Should be Your Choice

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Microsoft Teams is a platform for collaboration that has been made by Microsoft. It is an improvement over Skype for Business and provides features such as voice and video calling, text chat, application sharing, file sharing, meeting planning, screen sharing, and instant messaging. What Makes Microsoft the World’s Best Collaboration Tool? Microsoft Office 365 is a set of cloud-based tools that are designed to help people work together more effectively. Productivity gains and enriched communication To be effective, collaboration requires

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Push Gaming Achieves the Maximum Score of 5 Stars with Bison Battle

Canada flag image

Push Gaming has also managed to unanimously award five stars with the release of its latest slot. The British game developer has immediately reached the maximum score with the exciting Bison Battle slot. Learn more about new slots at In Bison Battle, everything revolves around one of the strongest animals in North America: the Bison. The background of the slot is in a large valley, and on the sides of the screen, there are huge rocks at the foot

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Play the Rackword App to Enhance Your Vocabulary

rackword app

Word games are the best option to play on a family game night. They help children in building up their vocabulary while listening to sounds and letters. When we play with kids, we get to spend some quality time with them, in addition to helping them learn new words the fun way. A word game teaches kids patience, teamwork, how to emerge victoriously and lose gracefully. It aids kids in developing their language at the pre-school stage and promotes healthy

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Receipt Catcher Evo – Receipt Tracking App for Small Businesses

Receipt Catcher Evo app

Managing and tracking your expenses is very important in your personal life. It becomes even more essential if you own a small business. The longer you keep ignoring the paperwork, the higher will be the pile up on your desk. For instance, you might be someone who uses your own credit card to book a conference room for a business meeting of the company you work for and forget to reimburse it later. You might have even booked a cab

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Brain Jam – A Perfect Thinking Game with Fun Puzzles and Challenges

Most gamers love a good challenge. The best feats about gaming are working through a challenge, accomplishing a goal, and the game declaring you as the winner. Brain Jam is one of those games that keeps each user plugged in for hours at a time. The game is very addicting because they have a variety of puzzles and logic games to make each user think their way through solving the game. The game is available in the google play store

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Edit Your Videos with Clideo Resize Video


If you have been searching for the right app or editing tool to put your videos in a perfect fit, Resize Video is the app for you. Many people may want to post their videos on different social media platforms, make video ads, or simply put their videos in a different size from the original. But, they do not have a perfect tool to fix the videos. With this app, not only do you have options to crop your videos

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Save the Princess – The Legend Game of This Generation

Save the Princess screenshot

Sometimes choosing your own adventure means closing one door to open another. The stories told through choose-your-own-adventure games are the strongest, as there’s nothing like the thrill of becoming engrossed in the story and choosing how it ends. Your path could lead you to victory or a quick demise. Save the Princess is designed like a text-based CYOA game. By playing it, you’re the star of the story. It puts the player in control. Every few pages, you have to

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