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Play the Rackword App to Enhance Your Vocabulary

Word games are the best option to play on a family game night. They help children in building up their vocabulary while listening to sounds and letters. When we play with kids, we get to spend some quality time with them, in addition to helping them learn new words the fun way. A word game teaches kids patience, teamwork, how to emerge victoriously and lose gracefully. It aids kids in developing their language at the pre-school stage and promotes healthy brain development.

In a world full of digital distractions, it has become challenging for kids to complete their work without checking on their smartphones regularly or listening to their favorite music on Alexa. The more they get distracted, the less they learn. When played without any interruptions, word board games will help lengthen the attention span of a child. In addition to sharpening your child’s focus, word games teach the value of teamwork. In order to win, kids need to team up and coordinate, something that will come in hand for life. Playing games teaches them, nothing is guaranteed, and your luck might change in an instant.

With the current situation, it has become very difficult for us to step out. It had also changed the way we work, learn, and shop for our necessities. Social distancing has led to a virtual style of life, both personally and professionally. Everything has become remote. If only there could be a way to enjoy a board game with our loved ones, even though virtually, wouldn’t we go for it?

“Rackword – Free real-time multiplayer word game” by Netdvh is an educational play store app that combines strategy and word mastery with an enhanced user experience. Its gameplay is unique and has never been implemented by any other word games. The gameplay is similar to scrabble but even better. As soon as you install the app, you will be prompted to sign up for free. If you do not wish to, you can log in as a guest by choosing a username. Creating an account saves your progress and stats while continuing as a guest resets your progress once you disconnect from the internet.

The gameplay is simple. Create words using the letters assigned to you and place your first word on a 21*21 board starting from a central square. To move a letter tile by itself, click on the board and them on the tile, or drag and drop the letter tile. Click twice on the board to form a word vertically. The new words formed must be linked to at least one tile already on the board. Creating new words over bonus squares will fetch you extra points. Play with the computer, with 2 to 4 players or teams 2vs2, with time per turn ranging from 30 seconds to 2 minutes. Make new friends by chatting with like-minded people while tracking your progress.

Though the game takes time to load settings and reconnect every time you alternate between apps, this incredible game is worth your time.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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