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Cut down the expenditure on the phone!

When the phone was invented; it was no doubt one of the best inventions in the world. Phones and especially mobile phones have made our lives very easy as we are able to communicate easily and do a lot of things conveniently. However, as much as the mobile phone is doing you good service; it also costs you a fortune. Have you ever sat down to calculate how much you spend on your phone in one year? You better not because you will be shocked. Though we might be spending little by little but in the long run we end up spending a lot of money on the phones.

To begin with, you can start saving by cutting down the expenditures on the phone in terms of airtime. However, you don’t have to limit yourself a lot when you want to communicate. Plus there are messages that would lose meaning if sent using any other means other than direct voice communication. There is a perfect solution for you, and that is the Yeloworld. This App lets you communicate effectively to anybody in any part of the world at very cheap and affordable prices.


Yeloworld is available for Android and iOS devices and is also applicable in any part of the world. With it, you can be able to call anywhere in the world as well as make calls within your country. The rates are very cheap and you get to enjoy rates as low as 99% cheaper than the rates which your local operator offers. It uses Voice over IP technology, (VoIP) to connect the digital signal from your phone to your caller’s phone line.

There are many other calling services such as Rebtel, Jajah and SkypeOut but none of these services is as cheap and effective as the Yeloworld. Furthermore, the developers of this mobile app are a known and trusted company that has got a lot of experience in this sector.

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Using Yeloworld is as simple as any other way of making a call. Once you have installed the app in your phone and registered your number, you are good to go. The installation and registration processes are very fast and easy. For registration, you need to provide your phone number and email address then you’ll be allowed to set your password.

Yeloworld provides various methods for recharging. You have the option of using a voucher or you can opt to use online payments where you have the option of picking between PayPal, MasterCard, VISA, American Express, iDEAL, Paysafecard and Maestro. This App can also be used anywhere in the world in the sense that it accepts all the major currencies and hence you wouldn’t need to do currency conversions when recharging. However, you must note that the calling rates are not fixed and they do change depending with where you are calling.

Yeloworld is great with very clear sound when one is making a call but it has one limitation in that you can’t send text messages. Hope the developers will include this option in the coming versions of the app.

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