Bypass Customer Service Voice Menus with Zappix

Get connected to the right people in seconds!

Zappix is an app startup whose mobile app permits users to bypass customer service voice menus when calling companies, government agencies or nonprofit organizations. The Zappix mobile app intends to assist users get to the right position in a customer service menu by clicking through the interface menu on the app. When a consumer has arrived at the person they want to talk with, they will be capable of clicking to place the call to the correct person. From the first time I used it, it has been the easiest learning process with any app I’ve used. You can usually get to where you need to go in about 10 seconds. Compared to the average wait time on the phone being 20 to 30 minutes this app is ingenious.


This 100% free app supports the iPhone and Android phones. When entering the app I was asked to enter my email and name. After locating a company I was prompted to enter different information t such as an account number for that specific company. Some menus require entering information such as your account number, order number, etc. Zappix asked me to enter the information before placing the call and sent it to the destination once the call was active. Zappix can remember those numbers for you for the next time you will need to dial. Just look under the “recent” contacts. And if it is a contact you regularly visit then you can “favorite” that contact and find it even more quickly. Zappix also made storing this information for future use optional and can be turned off by going into the Zappix settings.


One can do away with the long wait and listening to the many, many options that are not pertinent to your call. You can navigate through the menus and go back and forth even before the call has started. If you made a mistake, there is no need to start from the beginning and waste time. You can browse a smart visual menu which allows more express access to the services and information they need. Zappix provides a powerful phone/web dual-resolution. The smart visual menu guides you to choose the preferred way to connect to whom they want to get in contact with. Zappix’s commanding management console allows you to change and revise the visual menus and manage how the visual menu is displayed. As well as calling or accessing a website, Zappix sustains other service channels such as text messages, Social Media such as Facebook and Twitter, and email.

While there are always a lot of good things to say about something that makes your life so simple and that much more easy, there is always the flip side of the coin. This side of the coin shows an aspect that while annoying, is still nothing to be too upset about. Because of the location that this app is originating (the East Coast) there are more possible searches back on the East Coast then that on West Coast. Saying this though, the app is spreading wildly and they are marketing to get more companies and agencies to get on board to make life a little simpler.

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