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Fight Arena Online – Be the Best Contender in the Online Battle

Battle Arena Online is a 3D multiplayer fighting game that you can play with your friends, challenging each other.  The moment I started playing it, I knew this game would be something special. I was hooked for hours, the game was easy to understand, and once you get the hang of it, it is hard to put down.

The game is published by Andrey Grigoryan. The size of the game is 207.5 MB which is a very moderate size for multiplayer games. Only adults having age 17 plus can play this game because of its frequent realistic violence. You can download this game without paying any penny but you can do in-game purchasing like; 2500 coins for 0.99$, 15000 coins for 4.99$, 50,000 coins for 9.99$, 5 gems for 1.99$, and 20 gems for 5.99$. This game has an acceptable rating in its reviews on app stores. Shadow Fight Arena is a game you can play without paying any charges, it is a real-time PvP war game where renowned heroes fight to come first in the Shadow Mind’s Tournament.

Fight Arena game possesses some features like punches, combos, kicks, hops, foot clears, and super assaults. Additionally, it has baseball bats, Bo staff, knives, defensive plates, etc. In this game, you can also play online battles against different players (PvP) and adjacent to bots (PvE). There are special errands in challenge mode. There are various fight fields, achievements, and elevated score tables.

 Fight Arena Online game

In Fight Arena’s updated version; the 1.17 version new features are also introduced. New achievements, magic abilities, and frontward jump flip are added. Moreover, visual properties for good luck charm actions and bug fixes are also added in the updated version.

The developer of this app Andrey Grigoryan showed that the privacy of this app practices may contain the handling of two types of data; data that is linked to you like contact information, Identifiers, and diagnostics. And the second type of data which is not linked to you like, usage data and diagnostics.

You will become a genuine warrior by playing this game! Demonstrate to everybody on the planet that you are the best contender. Online battles with different contenders, special assaults for each character, hops, combos, and moves, fireballs, ice spells, and lightning. Finish the Challenges mode and show your abilities when you need to show them. The hand-to-hand combat is smooth and fun.

The on-screen controls explain the gameplay well enough for the user to be able to navigate the player and find people to challenge online. Once you find the right person to challenge, take a look at the stats and start the challenge. Just make sure your character attributes are strong enough to beat the opponent. There are 5 types of attacks and your success depends on how well you combine those attacks one after the other in different situations.

Fight Arena Online is all about accumulating your companions and picking your character to overhaul your opponent’s gears and assaults.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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