AirLike – Seamless Connectivity of User Content

Easy transfer of photos, videos and contacts! 

You asked for it..and now you have it…connect seamlessly from one iOS device to another using AirLike. This is the stuff that the future is made of. Imagine, no wires, no downloads and transfers. This app allows you to share and connect without physical contact. You simply face the devices towards each other and your set. Easy transfer of photos, videos and contacts is as easy as a simple touch of your fingertips and the usability of these far exceeds its simplicity.

When you’re out with your friends at a great place taking photos or video, you can instantly share the ones that you’re friends want. Get everyone on AirLike and you’ll be connected in a way like no other. No more going home, uploading to the Cloud and then emailing or sharing on cloud apps. Besides, who remembers to do that once you get home after midnight? Share it in the moment!

Imagine you are at a conference and wanted to share an image of a new product, prototype or design to a particular vendor. You may not have it up for display, because it does not necessarily apply to all of your customers; but, someone has just come by and they have a specific need for which you have the answer. You whip out your iPhone, pull up AirLike and point away. Keep in mind the recipient should also be brandishing AirLike, as well. Just think of the time-to-market you just achieved. Someone was interested in something, and you had just the thing to share.


Using AirLike is as easy as sharing with it. Download the app, and tell your friends to do the same. Let the app have access to your photos, otherwise you’ll have nothing to share! Create an account using either an email address or your Facebook account. Facebook is quite beneficial, because you then have access to a larger gamut of media to share. Once you’ve established an identity, you are on your way to passing out possession.

The app has a main screen that’s about as zen as you can get. At the bottom of the screen you’ll find four icons: photos, videos, profile and information. That’s it. It’s all you need to select what you want to share and send it to the recipient. Update personal info and connect with fellow Facebookers from your profile.

The only small downside to this, and it’s a big differentiator from mobiles that instantly share, no apps required, is the necessity of the app on both ends and the fact that you have to buy it. If you have friends who are not willing to purchase the app, an AirLike connection is not going to happen. A small snafu, not related to internals of the app, but it does get in the way.

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