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  • Good day!

    This is Anton, a Marketing Staff at Nex2Global.co.,Ltd. We published our own application called “Brag It!”, the new generation of social media that offers a fun way to earn through photo sharing.

    Brag It! has unique features that no other application can offer–the bragging system, the rewards system, along with the fun photo features.

    The Bragging system allows users to brag their funny images through the app’s lock screen feature which will be seen by millions of users. The rewards system lets the users collect Candy (cash-mobile load point). The rewards can all be enjoyed by all users wherein, anyone can earn up to $15 monthly by just using Brag It! There is also the heart system, where users can send a message and connect to anyone across the globe.

    We all know Instagram and 9gag and the functions they have. Brag It! is almost similar to them, but here, users get more enjoyment with the unique features that only we can offer.

    We believe that any image that made anyone happy and laugh out loud should be shared to the world and should be rewarded. That’s why we are here. We want to spread contagious happiness to people around the world through our application.

    The fun doesn’t stop there! As a celebration for our Global Launching, Brag it! has launched a special CRAZY PROMO for all new users where up to 1,000,000 million people will be rewarded with $1 upon joining us.

    It would be an honor if you would be interested in using our application and posting an article about it on your website. You can download it for free from Google Play Store.

    I will also send a Press Release Kit containing the article that you could publish on your site, if you wish to do so.

    Please feel free to contact me when you’re interested. Thank you so much!

    Anton Carlo A. Velasco
    Marketing Staff, Nex2Global
    +63 917 803 9624

  • Hello Alphadigits! I am Sarah Anteola, a Staff at Nex2global. I am reaching out to you to inform you about two new offline arcade games that your audiences might be interested with. The Mobile applications are called Part Time Hero: Monster Mayham, and Crazy Road. These applications were made by APPZIL, if you know the game “ZIGZAG HERO,” they are the creators of that game. We really do think that these applications have a potential, and we want to spread the word to your audiences through your help. It would be an honor if you would be interested in posting an article about it on your site. Let me know if you’re interested! We will be very grateful. Thank you!

  • Hi alphadigits,

    Greetings from At Games Studio…

    We are a team of Graphic Designers from India. We help streamers to improve their video views by designing eye catching Thumbnails for Youtube or any other streaming channels.

    We provide 2 thumbnails for $10.

    Please contact through the link or direct mail.


    Thank you

    At Games Studio

  • Subject: Guest post advertising enquiry.

    May I guest post? If yes, then what is the price for publishing them. Let me know please and my site is business/jobs etc.

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