Frogario app – Get Into Frog Frenzy Frog Eater IO Game, by, Jadoku Action, gives new meaning to ‘catching your own dinner’. Ensure you are the champion fly-eating frog by nomming them all. You have been warned though- froggin’ around can be addictive!

Your frog has a mission, and it’s a natural one. Fribit, your first and free frog is more than enthusiastic to start catching his meals. You do what frogs are usually known to do best, and that is catch flies. To catch the flies is as simple as ABC, you tap to jump a short distance of them and your frog does the rest of the work.

You have a territorial critter, so smaller frogs are not welcome. To kill them, just jump on them. If smaller frogs approach you they will instantly die – but don’t get them in mid-air or you will be the one pushing daisies. The objective is clear from the get-go – catch and grow!

Looking at the surface it seems like a pretty easy game, but once a larger frog jumps around you, you begin to understand that you’re not the only player in town! Hundreds of other players have been catching flies before you, so they know their way around the map; and they have probably figured out their master strategy.


Did someone say strategy? Well, there are many ways to go about hopping. You can go the aggressive route and jump on all smaller frogs to clear your path, or you could go the passive route and try to avoid all frogs and just gain score until you are ready to go on the attack. However you wish to play, catching bugs has never been so much fun!  

This game could keep one entertained for an eternity. The map is huge, and there are always flies and other frogs to catch. Looking at the leaderboard, a lot of playing must be done to become the top frog.

The graphics are super attractive. The lush green grass is an ideal playground and home for this multi-player game. The flies glow and other frogs are clearly seen.

The map is located at the bottom-right of your screen, and it is easy to make out who’s who.

Enchanting sounds add to the wonderful atmosphere, for example, the sounds of the night and your frog pushing through the grass to collect flies is rather cooling and calming.

The game is great for the whole family. From kids to adults, and everyone else in between- this game will be loved by all.


Game play is smooth and lag-free. Tap your way around without having to wait a second.

Never be bored by playing with hundreds of other online players. Use the taunts icon at the bottom left of your screen to give your fellow players a “Well Done!”, or, Take That!”.

You can keep track of the leaderboards and achievements from the main menu. The tutorial and settings are just below this as well.

To earn coins you can purchase them, watch advertisements, or complete daily quests. Owning 1000 coins can get you a cool new frog to show off.

Below the frog purchase screen, you can read helpful tips.

The only addition that would be welcome in this game, is a few bodies of water to adorn the already superb landscape.

Use your amphibian friend as an excuse to escape the usual urban hustle and bustle. You can now immerse yourself in some frog-fun and never be bored again. Go on, the grassy fields and flies await you!

get it on google playRating: 8/ 10

Price: Free

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