Brilliant Beats with BeatApp

One of the freshest application ideas out today come from the BeatApp Team. They are the creators of the ultra-modern BeatApp, an app that turns ordinary voice notes into something phenomenal.

Have you ever heard of an app and thought, ‘who would need that?’. Well, this is probably one of those times where you would say such a thing. But I promise, you definitely need this app!

BeatApp was made purely to add heaps of amusement to your Whatsapp Messenger. Once you open the app, the entertainment begins!

You’re not ready to hear a loop of the last voice message you received, but from the app it plays, and something about it will make you giggle for sure. Actually, it is hilarious- and it just gets funnier!

You scramble around a little, figuring out how to become an instant DJ, but once you start tapping it becomes clearer that this is a piece of cake.

You are prompted to pick a beat with a little ‘choose beat’ bubble, and once the switching between beats begins, one quickly gets into the groove.

The next guide bubble will encourage you to tap the ‘volume mix and fix’ button. Here, you can play around with the volume of the voice to beat ratio, and add some effects while you are at it.

After this, you can change the pitch and tempo to your delight. Hit the record button and practice some back spinning and scratching on the jog wheel at the bottom of your screen. Let your inner disc jockey shine while you mix beats with your best friend’s voice note.

At the very end of your screen, an audio strip can be manipulated so that you can decide which specific part of the voice message you want to play and how often you want it to be repeated.

After you are done with the first voice message, you will want to remix them all!

BeatApp screenshots


  • Superb user interface allows smooth and effortless use of the application.
  • The look of the app is modern and up-to-date. It has the perfect balance of light and dark colors. A touch of pink adds a nice pop of color.
  • The minimalist design is perfect for focusing on mixing the most blissful beats.
  • Nine funky beats are available to all users free of charge. Below your free beats are another six that you can purchase for a dollar each.
  • The complimentary beats provided are different and enjoyable. ‘Kostabar’ sounds like a hot bhangra jam, while ‘hot like’ sounds like something Snoop Dogg would rap over.
  • Play around with three vocal effects – filter, delay, and reverb.
  • Control the volume of the beat and vocals with the volume mix slider.
  • Tune the voice pitch and voice tempo with easy tap or slide feature.
  • Have tons of fun with the realistic jog wheel.
  • Purchasable beats are totally worth it! Humblebee is a cute-sounding version of Kendrick Lamar’s, ‘Humble’.
  • Remix all of your voice notes by clicking on the folder icon.
  • Record new vocals by clicking on the top-right record button.
  • Easy pause-play button to control your mixing from start to end.

What are you waiting for? Start turning dull voice notes into something truly original. Reviewer, Guy Fleisher, explains how all users will feel after their first attempt at using BeatApp- “I only respond with Beats now!!!”


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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