Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy Might Be the Pinnacle Of Mobile Games

The concept of video games was first invented in the 1950s as an adjunct for testing computers inside a lab. During the same period, the Soviet Union launched the first artificial satellite Sputnik (Спутник-1), which marked mankind’s exploration of the universe had made a key step forward. At that time, it was hard for anyone to connect video games with the universe, and it was also hard to imagine that today, more than 60 years later, we could explore the unknown world and write our own “universe story” through a virtual universe created in a video game. Yesterday, ZLONEGAME released the final CG trailer for Second Galaxy, which marks the start of interstellar science fiction mobile game era. Currently, the game has been pre-ordered by over 750K people, and will be officially launched in the near future.

Since MOBA and SLG games dominate the mobile game market, Second Galaxy’s popularity is a fact all players should take note of. For all the mobile games available, there is still no game that can represent the interstellar exploration science fiction genre. Most of the other sci-fi game are SLG and FPS games that use an outer space setting to attract more players. Second Galaxy is a pioneer that brought the interstellar MMORPG genre to mobile devices. Although in the future, it may face be at a disadvantage compared to more hardcore games, it will still be a landmark product. According to the game trailer released by ZLONEGAME, both the graphics and the content are excellent. The name of Second Galaxy also shows the determination of the game makers to create a parallel universe for players, who are also trying to build a healthy, realistic and complete game ecosystem.

It is not easy for a game to achieve this because while video games are built with boundaries, the universe is infinite. Second Galaxy as an interstellar science fiction mobile game rose to the challenge to broaden the boundaries of game design. In the previous beta test, the game had nearly 5,000 galaxies for players to explore. Looking at the dense stars and galaxies on the star map is just as shocking as when you first opened an encyclopedia about outer space as a teenager.

The player’s choice of which superpower or legion they support changes the ships that players can use to explore the universe. This is just one of hundreds of choices Second Galaxy provides to players. Players can learn to fly different ships and earn a starship license which unlocks the ability to fly more ships. Other systems such as legions, combat, and trading, offer players a high degree of freedom. In short, the Second Galaxy gives the player a user-created world, in which each player is an independent individual, and can build one’s path in this rapidly changing universe.

Perhaps, someone will think of EVE Online. EVE brought sci-fi games to a whole new level, and led the “star game era” for more than a decade. However, standing on the shoulders of giants, there is still a long way for Second Galaxy to come through as a mobile, sci-fi MMORPG game. Fans of space exploration games will be the ones to build the future for the genre.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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