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DescriPix Gives Something Really Different

Most of our days are spent on our phones—Let’s just admit that. If we are not on our phone surfing the web, looking at Pintrest or dutifully checking our emails, we are probably keeping up with friends on Instagram and Facebook. Most of our communication is done with as little words as possible—that is why DescriPix is the perfect app for us all. This application gives us something really different with its pictures. The images are more than one of a kind, they are a great way to explain something and communicate.

We don’t always have time to explain things one by one or go into great detail, especially when we are limited by a character count. This app was designed to do just that—save us time. Not only that, it helps us communicate better. This time we saved makes things easier to understand with just one glance. It is scientifically proven that images catches our attention more—any good advertiser knows this. So, when wanting to get people’s attention, we add photos. Simple. Adding pictures also makes things easier to explain and describe, this app is a new way to describe something very clearly but also very quickly.

This app may lean more towards installers, artisans, industry or technicians but anyone can use it! That is what I like most about it. It is very professional but accessible by anyone. It can be used for industrial maintenance, design, industrial production and electronics. Plus, the features of this app are almost endless!

It is simple to use but the features are complex enough to make stunning photos! Starting with being able to link images together and ending with sharing your project with anyone—you can put internet links in your images, add text to the images, export to PDF and more! It is especially useful to be able to send them anywhere because it is so compatible!

You may be thinking—I don’t need this app, or I can just share my pictures as they are, but the use of it is more than you think. If you are more of a professional, you can describe your work, describe your cars, describe your house, describe your fault and all kinds of things including family vacations, work retreats and many more!

Even if you aren’t the professional type or don’t really do much with your days, it finds its own way into everyday life. The only negative to this app is its restriction to Android. I am sure many Apple users would like this for their own use, but it is just only compatible with Android devices. I am sure this issue can be resolved later if they decide to expand.

That aside, this app is ideal for many things. Say you want to sell stuff online, you can use it to label different parts of the item. Do you have an event coming up or use online design tools? Use this app to point out different things the viewer may need to see. If you are on Twitter and want to get the word out, but need more than a measly one-hundred forty characters, put the words on your image with this app! Problem solved!

If you are looking for a great new app to share your pictures, whether it is for everyday or professional use, get DescriPix today!

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10

Price: Free

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