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Battery Charger Alarm Monitors Android Battery

We are no longer in the days of having endless battery life on our phones. These days, our phones do so much more than accept calls, make calls, send texts or play little games. Now, they are our alarm clocks, our daily agendas and monthly planners, they stay attached to our hands more than we would like to admit. Unless you have a wireless or portable charger, you wait for the end of the day when you can plug your phone in and drift off to sleep. But, this kills our battery more than we think.

The Battery charger alarm app (BCA) monitors the battery status of your Android mobile device and has the low battery alert and full battery alarm for your comfort. The full battery alert saves and protects your mobile battery from overcharging; therefore, it extends the battery life of your phone and saves its energy. This app also reminds you when your battery is low. With our busy days, we may not even realize we are running low on battery until our phone just completely dies.

This app does a lot more than just tell us when our battery in running low or done charging completely. It has the full battery charging alert and a battery saver. So, once it notifies you of your battery running low, you can turn this battery saver on and your battery can last you longer. It also has a battery percentage monitor so you do not have to keep checking on your battery by yourself. It does the same for a lower battery reminder. Also, you can set your own favorite ring tone with the alarm.

The only downside with this app that I found was a couple of times the full battery alarm went off when it wasn’t quite fully charged. I don’t mind much because I would forget anyways, but that is the only problem I found!

One point I found questioned the most was how the battery charger alarm extends the phone’s lifetime. The answer is that it protects your mobile phone from overcharging. It is also advised to keep a full or max battery alert at 90% and the low or minimum battery alert at 30%. If at all possible, keep your phone from charging to 100% because it kills battery life. This app can act as a doctor to your battery to improve the efficiency of your phone.

What I like most about this app is its easy features. It is color coded—so when your battery is full, the screen will have a green color and when it is low, the screen has a red color. The graphics are also very well done.

It is also very easy to change the sound settings. If you do not want an alarm, you can change it to vibration mode. Worried about being woken up? No worries! You can change the night setting so that the alarm will not wake you from 11 P.M. to 8 A.M..

This app, in my opinion, can save you money from pesky phone problems and help your phone last longer!  It is no myth that over charging your phone kills your battery. Phones are just too expensive nowadays to replace them every time they start glitching.

get it on google playRating: 9.5/ 10

Price: Free

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