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Elmedia Makes your Mac More Fun

Make good use of your Mac, whether you are working or not. Macs are great for graphics design, collaboration, software development and more. But you don’t have to always be working on a Mac to enjoy it.

When the work day is done, it’s time to unwind and enjoy your time. If you are like me and you like a good movie to wash away the day, or you love to submerge yourself into another realm by binge watching a series that someone has recommended, your Mac can be there for you.

Macs come equipped with QuickTime. It’s ok. It gets the job done. But if you want quality streaming of content, then Elmedia is your ticket.

Elmedia reaches beyond what QuickTime can do and exceeds expectations. It is offered as two versions. The free download allows playing media of certain formats. If you want to expand on that, let’s say, to include YouTube and other media malls, then make the one time in-app purchase to upgrade Elmedia. With the upgrade, you can manage playback settings and capture frames from videos.

Elmedia app

Details on what you can do in the free version include:

  • Play a variety of file formats: SWF, FLV, DAT, XAP and more
  • Internet surfing
  • Media organization tools
  • Adjust viewing quality: brightness, contrast, sharpness, volume
  • Adjust image layout, define custom presets

Details on the Elmedia Pro:

  • Fine tune playbacks by setting your outputs and defining channels, so you can get to specific content directly
  • Capture and save images
  • Enhance internet surfing, allowing you to easily find and save what you want with a simple tap

The software that is the brain and engine of Elmedia creatively taps into your Macs hardware and uses it in the most efficient way possible – a must for when you are playing HD content.

There is nothing that Elmedia cannot do. It takes a bit of getting used to, as is always the case with any app, but because it’s an app for the Mac, you know that it will be well designed. I do have to say that it took some time for me to find where to tweak my viewing settings.

Now that I have it, I am not sure how I managed without it. It is the only player I use now. I can’t even imagine using anything else. I am easily able to find content I want, save it in a place where I know I will easily get to it, and then play it without any issues. It has become my goto for entertainment. So much so, I may just sell my TV.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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