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Get VideoProc to Cut and Trim Large 4K Videos into Usable Pieces

These days we are doing all sorts of things with videos. We take them from all sorts of devices and then, with a little magic, hope to capture important snippets of them to share, bringing together family and friends or to show off a big moment you just had. Whatever may be the case, video processing is an essential feature that requires the right tool. If you are in the market for a video processor for either your Mac or PC, VideoProc is the answer.

Made by the same developers who have provided a variety of reliable apps and programs to keep your devices backed up and synchronized, VideoProc provides the same level of reliability and ease of use. In addition to saving videos from a wide variety of sources and converting them into formats that can be used across different devices, VideoProc has master the art of video processing.

With VideoProc, you can easily cut videos, trim videos, and edit videos. Because when it comes right down to it, while you are taking the video, you just want to turn on the recording device once, and then turn it off when you are completely done. From there you want to take your time to walk through the video and identify the snippets you like best. Once you’ve identified those, you can trim and cut with ease and piece them together into your final production.

To cut a video just add it and click the Cut button. You can set the start and end time positions by dragging the green knobs. Finally click the orange Cut button. To trim a video click the Trim button in the toolbox. Specify the start time and end time by dragging directly or changing the time data.

What’s important to note is that this is a necessary feature in video processing tools when you are dealing with 4K videos. These types of videos capture top quality images and movement, which means a great deal of data is stores in those files. These files may have been taken from a device held by your hand or worn (think GoPro). In these cases, you really need to add some stability to the picture and then choose the clips you want. It also means being able to free up your iPhone by clearing it of the many 4K videos you’ve taken and turning them into clips that are meaningful.


All of this saving and editing of 4K files calls for a program that can handle the processing of such large files while enabling you to extract the snippets you want from them, without compromising quality. VideoProc does just that.

It’s super easy to load the raw video file into VideoProc and then get to work. The conversion is easy because there are so many presets to choose from. Once you have the file in the format you want, you simply go in and us the editing features to selectively trim and cut the large videos into pieces you want. Save these off for later use. VideoProc also provides you with the tools you need to bring these pieces together into a movie that’s unique to you.

Whether you are a videographer creating a wedding masterpiece or a parent putting together a home movie, VideoProc provides the tools you need in an easy-to-use environment.

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