Elmedia Player – Seamless Video and Audio Streaming from Your Mac

Elmedia Player screenshot

Most people I know stream their entertainment content. Gone are the days of paying exorbitant monthly bills to get a fixed set of content that typically always seems to miss what you need, even when you’ve subscribed to the 100+ channel package. Cable and satellite are now making way to digital streaming, and it’s clearly apparent everywhere you look. The key to maximizing the streaming experience is to have the right player. There are lots of players out there, but

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JustStream Mirrors Your Mac to TV Wirelessly

JustStream app

Streaming is the hot thing now. Most people have cut ties with cable and have moved on to options that are more flexible and affordable. Streaming is offered from a variety of sources that consumers now don’t need to worry about getting stuck with cable accounts or satellite connections, which both require additional costs when things don’t work. Issues with streaming arise when you don’t have easy connectivity in place. With this I mean not having to connect your device

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Download Videos and Songs in 3 Simple Steps from YouTube With Airy YouTube Downloader

Airy app

YouTube has so many good content, that every once a while you wished you had access to that particular video without having to go online, or when the internet connection isn’t as good as it is, that is why you need an interface that allows you to download videos from it. However, almost every such interface is bloated with adverts and pop-ups. Thankfully, you have one such extension that does not harass you with any of these, the Airy YouTube

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Get VideoProc to Cut and Trim Large 4K Videos into Usable Pieces

VideoProc app

These days we are doing all sorts of things with videos. We take them from all sorts of devices and then, with a little magic, hope to capture important snippets of them to share, bringing together family and friends or to show off a big moment you just had. Whatever may be the case, video processing is an essential feature that requires the right tool. If you are in the market for a video processor for either your Mac or

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Sync iPhone to Mac with MacX MediaTrans, the Best iTunes Alternative

MacX MediaTrans app

Just because something is for free, doesn’t mean it won’t work, but don’t expect it to excel at what it does. What I’m talking about is iTunes, and what I mean is that it just doesn’t stack up when it comes to ease-of-use when you’re looking to keep your iOS devices synchronized and safely backed up. What does work is MacX MediaTrans. Created by Digiarty, this tool makes it easy to manage your content – simple and straightforward. No more

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MacX DVD Ripper Pro – Fastest HandBrake Alternative to Rip Any DVD

MacX DVD Ripper Pro

If you’ve been scouring the app marketplace for the best way to rip DVDs, homemade and commercially made, then MacX DVD Ripper Pro should be the first place you go to get the quality copies you deserve. MacXDVD Ripper Pro takes as input almost all types of DVDs and converts them into various video formats that are viewable on iPhones, iPads and even Androids and works its magic to find the fastest way to copy its contents and save them

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MacX Video Converter Pro – Fastest 4K/HD Video Processing Tool to Convert & Compress Videos

MacX Video Converter Pro banner

Every day we are living life to the fullest and part of this involves capturing every moment we possibly can so we can relive it, share it and even boast about it! Most video clips are short and sweet enough to save as is, but for those videos that you shoot and need to edit and save, you need a workhorse that can handle video capture that’s taken in today’s terms – 4K and HD. Whether you are shooting new

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CloudMounter – Access Your Cloud Services Easily

CloudMounter app

Data storage has moved from physical devices to what we call the cloud. Nebulous at first, the cloud seemed like a solution that could work, but for skeptics, it was something to be wary of. Today, nothing in terms of computing and data management can be done without the cloud. Everyone uses it – including individual users. If you are a Mac owner and want an easy way to access each and every cloud account you own, then CloudMounter is

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