CloudMounter – Access Your Cloud Services Easily

CloudMounter app

Data storage has moved from physical devices to what we call the cloud. Nebulous at first, the cloud seemed like a solution that could work, but for skeptics, it was something to be wary of. Today, nothing in terms of computing and data management can be done without the cloud. Everyone uses it – including individual users. If you are a Mac owner and want an easy way to access each and every cloud account you own, then CloudMounter is

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CloudMounter – Encrypt Your Files on Cloud

CloudMounter is a service that lets you encrypt all the files you have on Dropbox, Google Drive and/or One drive account for free! The latest version 3.0 supports further cloud service including: Box cloud service, Back blaze B2 and Amazon S3. Using the CloudMounter your internal hard drive can be extended and the amount of data which you are able to operate with is extensive with access from any place with an Internet connection. You have the possibility to link

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