Build Your Fitness with Spartan Home Workouts

People need a gym for different reasons. Some go there to lose or gain weight, while others to just keep fit. I needed it for a simple reason: to build my muscles. One way was to find a personal trainer. Who would help me create a workout routine and achieve my desired result but the pandemic happened? During the lockdown, everyone was stuck at home. Since I wasn’t going out, I needed to tone my muscles and build my fitness.

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Defend Your Universe in Puppy Power Space Shooter

In the arcades, there are tons of fun games that you play in different stages. Puppy Power Space Shooter is an arcade game where you shoot at evil cat invaders and blocks on your way to the top. The only thing that makes this game better than any arcade game you play is that; you can play it on a mobile phone. If you are a fan of space games, shooting games, or space-shooting games, then stick around because this

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Freezebeer Helps Chill Beer to Optimum Temperature


When Kris Kristofferson says in his song, “and the beer I had for breakfast wasn’t bad so I had one more for dessert”, he romanticizes the beverage that has been a part of several folklores and is still very close to our hearts. No other drink can ever replace a pint of frigid ale on a warm summer evening. With the help of the FreezeBeer app, you can control the temperature of your beer and savor it the way it

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Bubble Shooter Mark – An Addictive Twist to the Classic Arcade Game

Bubble Shooter Mark game

Here is good news, there are plenty of games that don’t focus on violence rather they focus on good experience. One such game is Bubble Shooter Mark. This android game is simple, takes only a small part of your storage, consumes little or almost no RAM and goes easy on your smartphone battery. So, let’s find out about the features of Bubble Shooter Mark.   Remember those good old day – when you had to wait in line to play

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Turn Your Cycle into a Motorcycle Using Accelomemer

Accelomemer app

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to own an expensive V12 engine powered car, or a 1000CC bike? Well, now you don’t need to wait to buy one! You can simply download the Accelomemer app from the Google Play Store in your gyro-sensor enabled smartphone and just plug in your headphones when you are riding a bicycle. Alternatively, if you want an even better sound experience, then you can connect it to your Bluetooth speaker and forget

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Sports Fit VR App: Using Virtual Reality to Make You Physically Fitter

Sports Fit VR app

When Microsoft released their Kinect along with their Xbox series of consoles, it was introduced as a revolutionary technology – one that promised to bring the experiences and thrills of an outdoor game into your living room. Of course, that meant you had to spend a lot to get the gaming console, which eventually led Microsoft to stop producing them anymore. It would not be wrong to say Sports Fit VR app (available on Google Play Store) is taking that

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MindT – Clear the Clutter in Your Head to Live a Fuller Life

MindT app

Life in today’s world is busier than ever, even though we have technology to help make things more efficient. You could argue that it’s the technology that makes life more hectic. We are constantly wanting to feel connected, so we keep checking our devices for responses to question and posts, which means too many hours on devices and less time focusing on ourselves. Many find that meditation practice helps combat the stresses of everyday life that we impose on ourselves,

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