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Turn Your Cycle into a Motorcycle Using Accelomemer

Have you ever wondered what would it be like to own an expensive V12 engine powered car, or a 1000CC bike? Well, now you don’t need to wait to buy one! You can simply download the Accelomemer app from the Google Play Store in your gyro-sensor enabled smartphone and just plug in your headphones when you are riding a bicycle. Alternatively, if you want an even better sound experience, then you can connect it to your Bluetooth speaker and forget the entire world.

Very rarely do you come across an app that actually motivates you to work out even more. Just plug in the set of earphones to your phone and start cycling, be it inside the gym through the machine, or outside! The motor like sound generated through the app gives you a sensation of actually driving a motorcycle and if you imagine being inside a bike racing game, you feel more motivated to continue the exercise! To give you a realistic experience, jerking your knees like you would when performing a kick-start, actually generates the noise of starting the engine! Moreover, you can check out your top speed and the distance traveled after ending each session. It also supports both metric and imperial units, depending on what kind of units your region follows.

And if you feel tired of listening [read: riding] to the same kind of engine, then there is an option for you to choose from a range of 7 engines, consisting of 2 motorcycles [of varying engine cc] and 5 car sounds, one of which comes for free, which is a 1.5 liter I4 engine. There are options to buy V8 and even V12 engine sounds, which sound realistic. Of course, you have to make an in-app purchase to enjoy those sounds. However, doing so even gets rid of the advertisements that pop up occasionally if you are using the free version.

And if you feel like the sounds generated is not in synchronization with how fast you are moving your legs, then there’s even an option to increase or decrease the sensitivity of the app, which then adjusts itself to the gyro sensor of your phone. Nevertheless, yes, for the app to work most effectively, you need to put your phone on your pant pockets and not any other place, because that is how the gyro sensor in your phone would work most effectively. To give you a better experience, there is an option for you to choose between 7 sets of gears along with sensitivity. This means you do not have to consciously cycle slower or faster to keep your legs in synchronization with the sound. Instead, the combination of such settings take care of that for you.

What might come off as a disappointment is the lack of engine sounds when you first download the app. You only have a 1.5L 14 engine sound to choose. Including more sound packs in the free version would have at least made the app more fun. Nevertheless, it’s less than hundred MB of size for you to download from in the Play Store.

A positive point is its battery consumption, which is almost negligible, which enables you to use the app for a very long duration. However, connecting it to a Bluetooth speaker could consume more battery then required.

get it on google playRating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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