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Learn Basic Survival Skills through Roebuck App

In a world so digital and modern, our needs are met so conveniently. Relaxing on a cozy couch in the comfort of our home, we get all our As to Zs done effortlessly. All goes well until a disaster of some sort strikes us.

After a very stressful day at work, you choose to finish your work off from home and return home to very breezy evening weather. The pleasant climate lures you out and entices you to go for a long walk. You get so mesmerized by Mother Nature that you end up roaming too far off the trails. To add fuel to the fire, it starts raining cats and dogs. You are completely stuck, totally drenched, looking for a shelter, and in dire need of the warmth of some sort to protect you from the freezing weather.

Imagine if you ever get lost in one such situation, what would or could you possibly do? You cannot help but look the situation up in Google. What if you have poor reception or you do not have your smartphone in hand at all? Wouldn’t you be baffled? We are so addicted to smartphones that we cannot imagine a life without them.


Roebuck Survival by Roebuck Digital Ltd. is here to rescue you. This play store app is not just a survival companion but a memory aid too. Roebuck is an education app that helps you to learn and remember fundamental skills required for your survival during unforeseen circumstances. With this app, you can emerge from any utterly hopeless situation to the other side as a triumphant survivor.

Beginning from the art of bushcraft to health, supplies & logistics, the mentality of the survivor, community, and urban survival, you name it, Roebuck has it. The app adds to your knowledge and prepares you for any unexpected event that may come in the near future.

For instance, do you know you can ignite a fire with a bow drill? Every material has an auto-ignition temperature beyond which it will create a spark that can help anyone to start a fire. Make a bow from willow, birch, hazel, and sycamore a branch of these trees for the best results. If you are in a tight spot, any wood should do. Cut the contact-making end of the drill into a sharp point. Another small block of wood is required to create a spark. To string your bow drill, you can use sinew from animals or dry the stems from nettles or similar plants. Finally, you will need a palm-sized piece of stone to block the top end of the drill. If you cannot help but wonder whether these many things are needed to start a simple fire, get ready to hit the install button below the Roebuck app to download and learn the rest by yourself.

To make sure you learned the skills right, the Roebuck Survival app by Roebuck Digital Ltd quizzes you at the end of each module. So, what are you waiting for, create your account and level up as you progress!

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