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Comparing the Best Three Sports Apps Available for US Mobile Users

Nowadays the best sports apps take fans directly to the heart of the game with live coverage and a variety of stats

The sports industry is comprised of the world’s most dedicated followers who make their fandom something of a serious priority. Whether it’s scouring the internet for hours to find affordable tickets to games or traveling internationally for a chance to have a front-row seat to important matchups and competitions, sports fans will do just about anything to get close to the action.

Nowadays thanks to technological innovations and the booming digital era that presides over society, these enthusiasts have access to more team and player-related information than ever before. Modern-day mobile users have the opportunity to follow professional athletics closely with some of the best applications that provide on-the-spot updates, coverage, odds, and stats directly to their handheld devices. Whether you’re a fan of a less popular sport in the U.S. like rugby, or a top follower of America’s pastime, the MLB, there’s an app out there that fits your needs.

However, with hundreds of options to choose from, browsing the app store for the perfect one can be tiring. That’s why we’ve curated the best three sports apps out there right now for U.S. users, explaining each of their unique features and offers. Look no further than this helpful guide that will help take your fandom to new heights.

Bleacher Report

Since its initial launch in 2007, the Bleacher Report has been serving its sports fans well with around-the-clock updates entirely focused on sports news and culture from a variety of leagues. It’s perhaps the most well-rounded sports platform on the net for both U.S. consumers and fans abroad because it not only gives users information about sports but also opinion and feature articles that are extremely valuable.

Available for download now on iOS and Android devices, the Bleacher Report site also has a mobile app version which is one of, if not the fastest breaking news sites for sports. This is crucial for fans who enjoy live betting and rely on score updates and expert advice from sports commentators. Especially nowadays, as virtual sportsbooks permeate the industry and provide their users with a variety of no deposit offers and bonuses, more and more bettors are interacting virtually with the teams they support in real-time.  As such, the Bleacher Report is the perfect app for bettors who are looking for frequent, speedy sports knowledge from the best in the business. In addition, the Bleacher Report app gives fans the chance to personalize the content they receive with options to change homepage news for only one sport, or several that they follow. Holistically, it’s the most useful app on the list and extremely easy to use. This means that if you’re the opposite of tech-savvy but are a major sports fan, the Bleacher Report app will suit you well.

Fans can set notifications “on” for all devices in order to receive live updates – even to their smartwatches!

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CBS Sports

Everyone knows CBS as one of the country’s major news and commercial television networks, but sports fans may not realize that their professional athletics site and app is also a leading provider in the industry. With 4.7/5 star ratings in the App Store, fans and viewers everywhere choose it as the first option to follow breaking news and sports stories.

The CBS Sports app provides live coverage and updates in popular American-based sporting leagues from the MLB and NBA to the NHL and MMA. The app is a bit less diverse than the Bleacher Report in terms of sports offered, but you should still make room for it on your phone’s home screen for the live updates. What’s more, is that expert analysts provide the best betting advice and tips for fans to follow when the season is in full swing.

The other big advantage of CBS’s sports sector is that they not only have an application and in-depth website, but also a live radio: CBS Sports Radio, as well as a streaming channel: CBS Sports HQ. The network has clearly monopolized offerings, knowing exactly what their fans want and need. The streaming service is an extra benefit for followers that want to have full access to live broadcasts no matter their time zone or location. In the same way that users can customize features and settings in the Bleacher Report app, so can they too in CBS’s mobile platform.


An underrated and less-popular mobile platform compared with ESPN and CBS Sports, SofaScore promises to deliver the “fastest soccer scores” in 2021 but also features other unique sports like Motorsport, Rugby, Table Tennis, and even Esports. It’s undoubtedly the app to download if you’re looking for diverse coverage.

In addition, live score updates can directly sync to smartwatches so that fans don’t even have to take one step away from the sofa to search for their mobile phone that’s dinging in the next room. The application does all the hard work for fans, as SofaScore employees put together the best videos and written content to provide readers with a holistic view of each sport.

Especially if you’re a soccer fan, this is the application for you. With detailed calendars and schedules which clearly display fixtures, you’ll never be misinformed about the time of a match and can enjoy the Premier League or Champions League in all its glory. With coverage from practically every country where soccer is played, SofaScore stays true to its promise of fast delivery and coverage satisfaction. With all these players it can be hard to keep up with trades, rankings, and stats, but SofaScore separates its athletes into specific player profiles, giving fans a detailed look at each talented performer.

Although there are dozens of free apps out there for modern fans, these are our favorites, proven to satisfy all your fandom needs. Also, if all this talk about sports has you in the mood for exercising yourself, check out our pick for one of the best fitness apps available nowadays, the Sportsman PRO.

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