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Sportsman PRO. Workout for Your Fitness

When looking for an exercise app what do you look for? I personally look for style. I need something that suits me, which looks like me and fits my personality. It is so hard to find something like that, an exercise app that you can use that looks like and is suited towards your needs. One that knows what level you are on and can help you set up the perfect workout schedule/set. Im going to let you in on a secret though, I have found an app that does just that. An app that is simple and perfect that suits my needs and will suit yours too.

The name of the app is Sportsman Pro Workout. It takes up only 3.8MB on your phone, which is a lot less than the leading top name workout apps. It has a very simplistic design with customizable colors that make it easy to change to my mood and my personality. There are a variety of workout which include a preset of circuit workouts. These circuit workouts are workouts that have been premade by the developers of the app that provide a certain type of workout. Whether it be mimicking a workout you may have on the street or a workout strictly for your legs they truly have it all.

Sportsman PRO. Workout app

With this app you can even create your own workouts, set to your level. You can tell the app what level of workout you would like to workout at and you can create a workout around that. When you set up your workout you can schedule your workout to be whenever you want it to be for as long as you want it to be and set up reminders so you remember to get up and workout. When you are working out if you enter your weight and your height you can app will tell you exactly how many calorie you burned during that workout session.

You can easily upgrade this app to its full potential by purchasing the full version of this app, it costs a few extra dollars and includes more workouts and a few other benefits that are worth your money. That being said that is the only problem I have found with the free version, there simply arent enough workouts for when I get really good at exercising and need to be on the expert track. This app is simply perfect for beginners though and people who dont have a regularly scheduled workout routine.

This is an app that is really great for almost anybody looking to get into exercise and get on a regular routine. This app seems like it would be best for beginners unless you pay for the full version. If you pay for the full version you will get more out of the app. This app counts calories and gives you an in-depth report on the workout/exercise that you just did, which can be super useful when you need to log these things. This app is also super wonderful because you can customize it to be your own from the color to the workouts themselves, it makes this app really enjoyable. It also has an iPhone version

Sportsman PRO. Workout is worth the time it takes to check it out and the small amount of space it takes up in your phone.

get it on google playRating: 10/10

Price: Free

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