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Invisible Pix – Not Your Average Coloring Book

Invisible Pix is a new iOS app that is friendly for all ages. This app is advertised as a magic picture book that allows users to color in shapes in order to create beautiful, breathtaking images. Invisible Pix is a not-so-subtle reminder that coloring books and crayons are quickly becoming a thing of the past. Todays generation of young people have the unique opportunity to create art digitally through the use of objects like tablets and smartphones. Stay tuned for the pros and cons of this creative new platform.

While, at first glance, Invisible Pix may seem like a simple coloring app, the makers of the app have developed a creative spin on this much beloved pastime. Users get the opportunity to choose from several different coloring themes and use a magic pen to select different colors and fill in each individual line of a picture. Each picture starts off as blank sheet. Tilting the iOS device reveals a vague outline of the picture. As the lines are colored in, features of the picture that may have been unapparent at first are revealed, making for captivating final product. In order to get even more detailed, you can zoom in closer to add more specific elements to the picture. Also, if you mess up, use the apps eraser to undo mistakes! This app is attractive to children, but the makers have included several themes that may be interesting to adults. Some of the more popular themes for all ages include: princesses, dragons, pirates, and famous paintings. Users have the ability to share their finished products with family and friends on Facebook, send artwork via e-mail, and save their finished products onto their computers.

The makers of Invisible Pix are definitely capitalizing on the element of surprise. Because each pictures specific features are invisible until colored in, users never know what theyre going to get. Unlike a basic coloring book where artists have the time to plan color schemes and develop a strategy for the completion of each picture, Invisible Pixs method allows each artist to let go of the planning, relax, and let creativity flow. This requires every user to think outside the box and let go of any preconceived notions of what art should be.

Unfortunately, Invisible Pix doesnt come cheap. In fact, one of the biggest complaints is that, while the app is free to download onto a compatible device, many of the invisible canvases within the app cost a pretty penny. Every theme offers one free (and often very basic) sample. However, to download more pictures to color, users have to pay between $1.99 and $2.99. While it may be worth the money to some, this one flaw will certainly cause some otherwise excited users to avoid the app. In addition to the pricey pictures, the app does not allow for more than 10 erasures per image. This may not be a deal breaker, but could certainly be frustrating for people who change their artistic concepts in the middle of coloring.

Overall, Invisible Pix is a very stimulating app. Its great for people of all ages who want to expand their artistic abilities and let off a little steam. Invisible Pix is far from the traditional coloring book, and is a distinctive new art from.


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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