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Pop Queue – Find the Right Kind of Hangout at the Right Time

Sometimes you are in the mood to find some lively action and good company and at other times you just need a place to slip into and hideaway. If you are looking for an app that works based on your current location, to pinpoint destinations and let you know how busy they are, download Pop Queue.

Pop Queue uses your location to map out eateries, shopping, libraries and other such hangout places where you can go and spend some time. The app finds these destinations and color codes them to indicate how many people are at that location. This gives you an idea of which places are rockin and which places may serve up some simple solitude. The app can be used in this way to find you a place to hang out, whether you are in your own neighborhood, are vacationing or traveling for business.

Another way to the use the app is if you are looking to see how busy a place is before you decide to go there. It could be your favorite Starbucks, restaurants, pubs or sports bars. Looking at it this way, you can use the app to not find a place to find some fun, but rather, know where you can get some good munchies with minimal wait time.

The app is a free download. Once you give it permission to know your current location, it will go to work looking for local establishments and will somehow determine how busy they are. Each site is marked with a colored icon, ranging from blue (not busy) to red (super busy).

If you were to tap on the icon for a site on the map, the app pulls up information about the place, such as hours of operation, address, phone number, distance to it, a website if applicable, and its popularity. Click on the GO icon from the info popup and the app will pull up Maps so you get instant navigation setup.

The app not only provides information about eateries, but several other types of businesses. Categories include:

  • Banks: ATMs, bank branches
  • Food: Bakeries, Grocers, Cafes, Restaurants, Pharmacies
  • Fill-up Stations: Evcharger, Gas Station
  • Parks: Campgrounds, National Parks, Park
  • Recreation: Amusement Parks, Beaches, Fitness Centers, Movie Theaters, Stadiums, Marinas
  • Museums: Aquarium, Museum, Zoo
  • Municipalities: Fire Station, Hospital, Library, Police, Post Office, School
  • Nightlife: Breweries, Wineries, Night Life
  • Transportation: Airport, Car Rental, Parking, Public Transport
  • Utilities: Laundry, Restroom

I was amazed at how many categories this app offered. It provides so many option that help you even plan out your day based on how busy a location may be. It might even help you find a place if you are lost or find the closest location for something you need in a rush. The uses are endless, and it wasn’t until I started delving deeper into the app that I realized this could be a productivity tool as well as a tool to help you find something to do.

If there were anything I could wish for, it would be the ability to select the navigation tool that Pop Queue can default to. I like using Waze, so it would be nice if tapping GO takes me directly to Waze.

I look forward to any possible updates and to using the app to find out how busy my goto destinations are, so I can make the most of my time – which has become a precious commodity!


Rating: 8.5/ 10
Price: Free

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