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Audiobooks Now Allows for Easy Literary Enjoyment

There are times when we just want to curl up with a good book and relax. Many of us, unfortunately, find ourselves lacking ample free time to do so. Another alternative is to listen to you favorite stories by playing audio books. Now, I am not one to pop in a CD and passively take part in a novel, be it fiction or non-fiction, unless it involves both the auditory and visual senses. However, I had a make an exception when I tried out AudioBooks Now.

AudioBooks Now is an app that looks as comfortingly familiar as Amazon, displaying a variety of books by genre, so you can easily find something that you are interested in, quickly.

The download is free, which I loved; but, it is important to note that you do pay for each book you listen to, except for the free choices.

I proceeded to the Free Books, of which there were plenty, and found several selections that were to my liking. There was a huge variety of story types; enough to keep all folks happy for a long time.

To hear a book, simply select it. You will be taken to a page that tells you how long the audio is, the cost, an option to add it to your wish list, and then a nice summary.

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Genres include: Best Sellers, New Releases, Fiction, Non-Fiction, Specials, Recommendations, and Free Audio Books. If you know a title that you want to quickly find, you can use the Search window at the top of the app. Once youve found something you are interested in, but currently dont have the time to listen to it, simply add it to your Favorites list.

While you listen to a book, you can easily adjust the volume. If you need to stop, the app automatically keeps a virtual bookmark, so the next time you open up the audio book, it will begin where you left off.

If you really liked an audio book, rate it. This shares books that are well-like by your peers. Now, the next question you may be asking yourself is, do I have to create an account. The answer to this question is, thankfully, no.

For those of us who like to keep our identities secure, the fewer times we have to divulge identity, the better. So, you can use this app as much as you want, without an account. However, take note that once you start using the books that require payment, you will be forced to create an account.

The only thing I would change in the app is to make each book summary short enough to fit on one page of an iPhone screen, so listeners are not turned off. Most apps providing info online do best when content is short and concise, and immediately accessible, which mean not having to scroll to absorb the full content.

Audiobooks Now has allowed me the opportunity to enjoy books that Ive heard such great things about, but never had time to read. Whats even better is that it makes my morning commute so much more enjoyable. Download today and see for yourself.


Rating: 9/ 10
Price: Free

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