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Ginger Roll – Platformer Game That Keeps the Fun Rolling

In a recent launch, IRF Media has enhanced Ginger Roll to include more characters, more excitement, and more entertainment. As before, the main character, who is tasked with saving the world, has been trapped by Iblis, child genius. Your mission is to overcome the obstacles Iblis places before Saif, so that Saif can prevent Iblis from becoming the most powerful person in the world.

Set in an arcade-style gaming environment, Ginger Roll packs plenty of fun in a small package. That small package is a Zorb Ball and it encases Saif. As the player, you use your device to roll Saif around things that block him from getting to Iblis.

Ginger Roll works on both iPhone and iPad, but I prefer the iPhone version because mobility was easier and I found it better to control Saif in his ball much easier. Ginger Roll is a tilt-and-roll type of game, and I think it would be a bit more difficult to get finer movements on an iPad – of course, some kid will prove me wrong!

As mentioned above, the story behind the game is that Iblis has ensnared Saif in a Zorb Ball to prevent him from stopping his treacherous takeover of the world. Saif must find a way to escape this orb so he can stop Ibris. The game has you do this by transporting the Zorb Ball across platforms while you dodge moving objects that Ibris throws your way.

While you are dodging obstacles, you must also collect certain items along the way to help you reach the finish line. These include coins, extra lives, cookies and more. Keep in mind that while you do all of this, you are on a platform that has edges from which you could fall – do not fall off, because if do, enough times, the game will abort.

As you collect more coins, Saif can become more interesting characters, like an Astronaut or even Santa! There are 12 characters in all. In addition to a variety of characters, in all there are 60 levels to unlock that lie across four different worlds: Jungle, Water, Desert, and Hell Fire.

Power-ups make the game even more exciting. Collect enough of them and see your orb turn into a basketball, a regular play ball, and even a bowling ball!  With crisp graphics and concise controls, you will be hooked from the moment you start playing.

I wouldn’t change a thing in this game – it’s hard to find anything wrong with it. I could only ask for more chances to collect more coins so I can get to the finish line faster.

In all, Ginger Roll is a game worth every penny. If you have not downloaded it, yet, get to it. You’ll wonder why it took you so long!


Rating: 8/ 10
Price: Free

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