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Get Gladiator Bastards to Fight Against Strong Humans

Are you a fan of arcade games where you love fighting against strong humans showing your skills and achieving various powers? Then this game called Gladiator Bastards is something that you will love playing. There are various achievements that can be accomplished, all by showing your skills, power and collecting gold as you progress through each level.

You can choose to allow or deny, and this looks like it is purely for recording game play and sharing it on social media using Everplay. If you choose to deny, then you may not be able to record and share your game plays.

There is an “Achievements” area where you can have a quick look at your achievements. To be precise, there are a total of 7 achievements and each achievement is accomplished when a player portrays certain skills or accomplishes something. For example, when you share your match in Everyplay and get 100 golds in cash you will be awarded the “Death Promise” Trophy or when you are the emperor of Rome, you will be awarded “The Bastard Emperor” achievement as you will be the best and you have done it. These achievements also have the date when you achieved against them!

When you start the game initially, you do not have any coins in your wallet. With each character that you play, you earn a silver medal and you will use these to enter the gold tournament.

You are presented with six characters initially where four of them are locked and two characters unlocked (a male and a female character). In order to unlock the other characters, you either need 250 coins each, or you pay at the play store and purchase coins for purchasing other characters or anything else that requires coins.

When choosing a character, their leaderboard comes up that shows how many matches or tournaments they have played, their position on the leaderboard, how many friends of yours have played this character, their skill levels, etc.

To start Gladiator Bastards, the user just taps on the screen. The screen comes up with both the fighters on screen. You have a joystick on the bottom left of the screen that you use to move your character forward, backward, jump or crouch. There are three buttons A, B and C on the bottom right and each button when tapped has a different skill with increase of skills from A to C.

There are also two gauges on the top left: a red one that decreases as you fight and lose stamina or power and a yellow one as it progresses with skills, unlocks special moves. There are 3 such moves that can be unlocked for each character.

If you win a match, you progress on to the next level to fight another character until you achieve “The Bastard Emperor.” If you lose, you can always have a rematch with the opponent.

One negative aspect of the game is the in app purchases that may not be something that everyone can afford. But the positive thing is, you can always use your skills to unlock all of these paid stuff in this game unlike some games where you definitely need the money to unlock certain levels or characters.

get it on google playRating: 10/ 10

Price: Free

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